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Beckfield College Announces ABA Approval of Paralegal Programs

published March 12, 2012

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The college’s Legal Studies ABA approved programs include the Associated of Applied Science, and the Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies, as well as the Post-Degree Academic Certificate in Paralegal Studies.

The ABA’s approval of the programs raises the bar for the profession, and will, quite assuredly, attract more students, and pave the way for further opportunities in the field.

The ABA’s action designates Beckfield College as the only post-secondary educational school in Northern Kentucky with ABA approved paralegal programs. As well, it ranks the institution as among only three with ABA approved paralegal programs in Greater Cincinnati.

The ABA is recognized for its high standards, and as the go to authority in the legal profession regarding law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to help lawyers and judges, and undertakings to help improve the legal system for the public. The organization currently has almost 400,000 members.

Brian J. O’Connell, Partner at Dinsmore & Shohl in Cincinnati, was quoted as saying in the press release at Beckfield College’s website: “The ABA certification is a major accomplishment. It is recognition of the high caliber of paralegal education which the school provides and is a credit to the faculty, staff and students of Beckfield College. It is confirmation that the program meets the very rigorous standards that the ABA requires. Beckfield’s paralegal program will be one of the few in the Northern Kentucky/Southwest Ohio area to have ABA approval.”

Diane Wolfer, President, Beckfield College, expressed her pride regarding the ABA approval. She was quoted as saying in the press release that: “In the last five years, an average of 87% of our Legal Studies graduates are working in their career field or related field of choice. All past and future graduates will now be able to say they received an ABA approved education.”

Beckfield College offers degree programs in a variety of fields. Since 1984, residents of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana residents have benefited from the opportunities the institution offers.