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Prescott Legal Search

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Additionally, Prescott Legal Search offers temporary and permanent paralegal job placement and works with law firms in matters pertaining to firm mergers. Prescott Legal Search, which was founded in 1981, has offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

As a means of successfully placing candidates, Prescott Legal Search first consults with clients to establish a clear idea of the best type of candidate for the job. Based on market knowledge and experience, recruiters can then determine the probability of finding a successful match. Candidates are interviewed and evaluated prior to being introduced to the potential employer.

Prescott Legal Search boasts an extensive database of both active and passive job candidates and candidate information including academic records, job history, practice areas, and the type of employment offers the candidate would be interested in. The firm's candidate database includes all lawyers and legal assistants working within large law firms or companies in the state of Texas. With nationwide search capabilities, the firm also has information on attorneys who live and practice elsewhere but would be willing to accept employment in Texas, as well as attorneys connected to major law firms and corporate law departments nationwide.

The firm has experience conducting a variety of searches, ranging from in-house counsel opportunities to temporary legal staffing assignments. Recruiters have worked in a number of specialty areas including intellectual property, real estate law, labor law, corporate and securities law, and litigation, as well as serving energy industry clients throughout the US.

Prescott Legal Search seeks attorney candidates with impressive academic records from the top law schools. The firm primarily places seasoned legal professionals who have worked with the top law firms and corporate law departments.

The firm also offers a nurse consulting division that provides legal nurse consultants on both a temporary and a permanent basis. Nurse consultants are typically used in medical malpractice, toxic tort, product liability, and personal injury cases.

Prescott Legal Search


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