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Dr. Phil's Warning and a Declaration, ''But I wasn't high''.

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It all began when 21 year old Richard Blanscet was watching a Dr. Phil program while smoking what's known as ''Wicked X Smoke''. Suddenly, Dr. Phil McGraw began speaking to Blanscet in what he refers to as a ''really high pitched voice''. He was told by Dr. Phil that an alien invasion was occurring outside his home and that he needed to save his girlfriend. Suddenly, Blanscet was up and out of the driveway, behind the wheel of his father's Jaguar, and driving at more than 100 mph in an effort to rescue his girlfriend, who he believed the aliens were after.

EMS, who'd been called to the home after Blanscet left, called police for backup. When Blanscet was on his way back home after not being able to locate his girlfriend, he says he saw the police, who he also believed were aliens, turning down the street towards his home. He immediately turned around and began driving at high rates of speed before taking a short cut through a cemetery. He'd already struck one emergency vehicle and soon, he wrecked his father's car again by attempting a left turn. The car, still operating at this time, soon sped away from that scene and eventually, he crashed the car once again when he drove it through a grocery store parking lot and as police reported, ''made the vehicle inoperable''.

He was arrested for felony fleeing to elude arrest, driving while impaired and resisting an officer. He was released after he was able to post his $2,500 bond. Now, Blanscet wants to warn others, though his warning is a bit twisted as well. He says the company shouldn't manufacturer the chemical if they're going to put out ''bad batches'' and says although he doesn't think teens should do it, he believes it's fine for adults. Even as he admits everything felt like reality to him, he says he sees no danger and simply wishes he hadn't bought a bad batch.

No comment from Dr. Phil, and no word on whether Blanscet even still has a girlfriend at this point. His parents, despite now having a Jaguar in the local junkyard, say they support his decision to speak out about his experience.

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