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Your Career Success Depends on Projecting a Confident Attitude

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Think about it yourself: How likely are you to hand your case to somebody who is nervous and apologetic? You might be the greatest counsel on earth or the most knowledgeable in your department, but you will fail to find success unless strong self-confidence is projected by your actions and body language. On the other hand, less knowledgeable people will climb the rungs of career success faster if they look, seem, and act confidently.

Projection of self-confidence and actually building self-confidence is a skill that can be learned or acquired. There are two important factors that go to build self-confidence - ability and esteem. You feel capable when you achieve goals and master skills. You gain esteem when your social circle approves your conduct and actions as well as your capability. You can also support up your confidence with positive thinking and keeping on telling yourself that you are capable. However, nothing boosts confidence like setting goals and achieving them to actually build competence.

To project the correct confident attitude you need great poise and balance. On one side of the confidence scale are people who are utterly unconfident of themselves and on the other extreme are people who are overconfident. Both people with poor confidence and overconfidence fail to win trust and approval. It is important to strike the balance and be properly confident of your abilities without undermining them or overestimating them.

There are some common attributes of people who exude self-confidence:
  • They are convinced of the correctness of their actions and do not allow negative criticism to overcome them
  • They are achievers willing to work harder than others and willing to take risks
  • They recognize and admit mistakes and learn from them
  • They rarely toot their own horns but subtly seek social approval of their actions
  • They act and react with social grace

How to Build Self-Confidence

There is no magic potion, but there are things that help.
  • Enjoy your past successes. Create a log of things, which you believe were good achievements in your past. Make a dossier. Every week, look at it, and find what else you can add to the list.
  • Analyze your strengths. Try to find out your inherent strengths that helped you to attain your achievements. Relate your strengths to your present and future and find areas where you need to build. Build up your strengths to face the future.
  • Analyze your values and your goals in life and working career. Try to match and align them so that they do not point in different directions. The best thing that can happen to you is when your values and career goals are perfectly matched.
  • Set small goals every day or week and achieve them.
  • Acquire work skills that you need and brush up those you already have.

Following these simple tips will provide enormous boost to your self-confidence and help you to become the energetic and poised person you always wanted to be. Your career is always waiting to accept you; it is upon you to make yourself presentable by overcoming your fears and building up your strengths.

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