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When Can The ''End'' Justify The ''Means?''

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With Indiana now joining 13 other states in challenging the new Health Care law signed by President Obama last week, the count now comes to 14 states who have challenged that law's constitutionality. For the new law compels almost every individual U.S. citizen to either buy insurance or pay fine.

Of course, with extended consequences, if you do not pay a federal fine it's a criminal offense. U.S citizens have never been in such a position in history where denial to buy a service can penalize them. The severe contradictions hidden within the Health Care reform has precipitated this historic lawsuit.

Both philosophy as well as political science has held that an ''end'' cannot justify the ''means.'' If it did, then instead of fighting a prolonged war and helping to establish democratic governments overseas, the U.S. forces could have just taken out the lead terrorists and terrorist bases. And that would have been that. However, counter terror strikes downplaying the sovereignty of other countries are not an acceptable means. It is unacceptable even for the justified ends of destroying terrorist organizations.

And to prove that ''ends'' do not justify the ''means'' Americans die every day on foreign soil fighting a politically correct war, rather than adopting the politically incorrect means of wiping out opposition en masse. It seems pretty funny then, that the present federal government does not mind undermining the sovereignty of free states of U.S.A. That seems to be double standards.

And that is why, for may be the first time in the history of the nation, we find fourteen states already having joined a lawsuit against the federal government. If one can read the writing on the wall then the number of challenging states may soon become bigger. The people know healthy ''ends'' are not sufficient to justify unhealthy ''means.'' The federal government needs to make it clear just how our liberties do not suffer considering the license given to Health Care reforms. And we trust our courts to correctly interpret the law and serve their appointed role in our democracy.

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