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Choosing a Career as a Healthcare Attorney

published December 29, 2008

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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The legal field, being one of the oldest professions in the world, is also one of the widest career fields that there is. This is so because law as a professional field has various divisions and categories each with its own law and regulations. The major responsibilities of an attorney or lawyer are basically to represent the interests of his clients in a court of law. This focus is broad and as mentioned, there are various categories of lawyers. One such category is the lawyer that carries out healthcare attorney jobs. Just like an ordinary attorney, the healthcare attorney has a legal background or knowledge but in addition has some medical knowledge. His area of specialization therefore is the application of the law in the medical sector. The law of health care is an area of law whose major focus is to ensure that all activities done especially in a hospital and other medical areas are in line with the provisions of the law. In addition, the laws of healthcare regulate the conduct of professionals in the medical field stipulating clearly what they are expected to do in the line of work, and what acts or omissions amount to a contravention of the law.
Choosing a Career as a Healthcare Attorney

Unlike most other areas, the healthcare field is very sensitive and must be taken with the seriousness it deserves. Unfortunately however, it is one of the most troubled fields in terms of violation of rights especially in relation to patients. There have been numerous cases in the past and even recently of patients being taken in and instead of being given beds they are laid on the floor. This is one of the worst violations of human rights. Failure to receive adequate treatment or to be treated in good time is yet another common issue in the medical sectors. Negligence by the professionals in the medical field is on the rise causing a considerable increase in the number of unnecessary deaths witnessed in hospitals and other medical centers. The law of healthcare and thus healthcare attorney jobs is therefore extremely important as it not only regulates such medical malpractices but also helps to expose such problems faced by the medical sector. The concern of health law therefore is to use the main tool, which is the law to protect safety and health of human beings.

Ignorance is the worst enemy of a human being. For a long time people, especially when seeking medical care, have more often than not had their rights stepped on due to lack of knowledge that they do have rights. According to healthcare law patients do have rights, violations of which could result in a legal action. Healthcare attorney jobs are involving and these people have various duties as may be provided for in healthcare law. The fact that health care attorneys deal with matters that are related to medical services does not necessarily mean that they are only found in hospitals and medical centers. On the contrary, healthcare attorney jobs are widespread and are found in virtually every field that there is. For instance, healthcare attorney jobs may be found in big companies or organizations to ensure that the medical plan of that organization in relation to their employees does comply with the stipulated provisions of the law. When in law firms, they ensure that all complaints by clients that are medically related are solved whether in court, through arbitration, or any other legally approved method of solving disputes. This ensures that the rights of the patients or the complainants are not overlooked. Their duties therefore vary depending on the area of work. However their major duties and responsibilities are to enforce the provisions of the law of healthcare.
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The major difference between an ordinary attorney and a healthcare lawyer is that the former only is conversant with the legal knowledge, while the latter not only has the legal knowledge but in addition is well conversant with the provisions of the law in regard to medicine and medically related practices. People taking health care attorney jobs need to have some knowledge of medicine to be able to well understand the practice of the medical profession, what is required of a medical profession, and what practices amount to negligence and recklessness thereby violating the law on healthcare. It is a fact that despite the congestion that characterizes law as a profession, this particular field is not congested. This is attributed to the fact that the law of healthcare legislation is a recently introduced legislation. Secondly, not very many lawyers have specialized in the medical branch of the law.

For some reason most attorneys prefer to either specialize in criminal law, civil law or the law on property. Being a career that is not congested, it therefore follows that the people taking healthcare attorneys jobs are one of the best paid work group as compared to other legal work groups and indeed in all other professions. It is not only the professionalism that they apply in their work that earns them the good money, but also the sensitivity of their job. Human health is an area that cannot be ignored. At one point or the other everyone requires medical care, be it in the form of a check up or treatment. It therefore is a very sensitive field. The law on healthcare as mentioned earlier does not only require a lot of professionalism but also is a very sensitive field. It is important to mention that in this particular career more than any other career, carelessness, negligence, recklessness and assumptions cannot be tolerated. Should any of these be detected it may lead a healthcare attorney to court with charges on his back.


Healthcare attorney jobs are extremely important, especially in a society where ignorance has taken the place of knowledge. This means that most people are not aware of their rights and for that reason they are most of the times denied their rights. The sensitivity of this job however cannot be overemphasized and must therefore be taken seriously.

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( 116 votes, average: 4.2 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.