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What to do next after having being interviewed for a legal job

published December 17, 2008

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Whew! It's finally over! You just finished with the big interview. Perhaps your interview was with a potential employer for your first post-law school job. Or maybe the interview was with a law school that you are hoping to get accepted to. Either way, while it's nice to have the interview behind you, many interviewees have the common misconception that once the interview is over the decision is out of their hands. All you can do is just sit around by the phone, and hound the postman when he comes with the mail, right? Wrong. This is not only un-true, but sitting back and waiting may actually hinder your chances of getting the good news you're hoping for. At this point, being passive may hurt you. Regardless of how your interview went, until the employer or selection committee has informed you of their decision, the process is not over! Until then, there are several strategies that you can use to ensure that you and your interview are fresh in the interviewers' (or committee's) minds.
What to do next after having being interviewed for a legal job

Be Sure to Follow Up!

Within the next 24 hours of your interview, be sure to follow up. If the interview was with a school, follow up with the head of the selection committee. If the interview was with a potential law firm, follow up with one of the partners, the HR manager, or the person who conducted the interview. The follow-up can be as simple as sending a card, a phone call, or even an email. The avenue that you select to use should reflect the environment of the firm or school that you have applied to. For example, if the firm is laid back, shooting a quick email is a good idea. However, if you're applying to a law school, then perhaps a card maybe more formal and therefore, effective.

The follow-up call/card/email should thank the interviewer(s) but also emphasize your interest in being a part of the law school or law firm, etc. Briefly restate your qualifications and how you'd be a contribution to the school or firm. Also, keep in mind the following with your follow up:
  • Write several emails/cards if the interview was with more than one individual. Don't just create one form letter for everyone, or cc everyone the same email. Take the time to personalize your message to each individual. This way, if they compare them (which is possible), they will see that you made the extra effort.
  • Proofread the card or email prior to sending it. Nothing will hurt your credibility more than grammatical and spelling errors!

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