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Choosing a Career as a Trusts and Estates Attorney

published December 02, 2008

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left

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The process of writing a will is believed to be a personal duty. However, a person writing a will needs to ensure that the will that he has written is legally enforceable. He will thus need the services of a trust and estate attorney to carry out the work. People write wills day in and day out. This means that a reputable law firm offering services in trust and estate will have its hands full most of the time. Trust and estate attorney jobs are very demanding as well as rewarding. One has to have thorough knowledge of trust and estate laws to be able to offer informed legal advice.
Choosing a Career as a Trusts and Estates Attorney

Many people have college education nowadays. The increase in the number of educated people has increased the level of awareness on a number of social and economic issues. Several people who are in self employment as well as those who are employed write wills. Writing a will ensures that your estate is distributed according to your wishes if you pass on.

Trusts and Estates attorney jobs may involve holding property in trust. This is only possible if the will of the deceased expressly provides for such an option. Property can be held in trust by a trustsand estates attorney if the children of the intestate testator have not yet reached the age of majority.

Trusts and estates attorney jobs require a lot of trust and diligence. The contents of a will are supposed to be private and confidential. The trusts and estates attorney is thus required by law to maintain this trust and confidentiality.

Trusts and Estates attorney jobs mostly involve estate planning. Estate planning simply means writing down a legal road map for the disposition of your assets in the event of your death. The duty of a trusts and estates attorney is to guide the client in the process of estate planning. He/she is supposed to offer qualified legal advice. He/she also has a duty to maintain lawyer client confidentiality. His responsibilities mainly involve administration of the estate according to the estate plan.

There are various job opportunities for estate and legal attorneys. Some law firms offer only estate and legal advice. Thus, those who are qualified can easily get trusts and estates attorney jobs in these firms. Most jobs in law firms offering estate planning services require a lawyer who has some level of experience in estate planning. To successfully get Trusts and Estates attorney jobs you have to be smart and focused.

Trusts and estates attorney jobs require individuals who have successfully gone through law school. After law school you should get attached to a law firm specializing in trust and estate administration. It is through such internship programs that one will be able to practically apply his or her academic knowledge.
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The process of estate planning in a legal firm is normally divided into residents and non- residents section. Division is made in these two categories because each state has its own legal system and laws. A system for estate planning for one state may be different from that of the other. Trusts and estates attorney jobs involve analyzing financial situations and objectives for different families, and providing in depth explanation to the clients about estate planning and various options available. Sometimes a trusts and estates attorney does all the drafting and execution of estate plans. Clients for trusts and estates attorneys cut across the society. They include young families without children to entrepreneurs, retired members of society as well as senior citizens.

Other than academic qualifications trusts and estates attorney jobs require an attorney to constantly update himself/herself on various developments in estate planning laws. Changes in tax administration policies for estate planning are also important for a trusts and estates attorney. He/she should know how various changes in tax laws will affect the estate planner. Trusts and estates attorney jobs also require one to join professional associations. The professional associations provide room for personal development as well as an avenue for networking. It provides an avenue for professional rejuvenation. Such professional meetings are where you might find an opportunity for career development as well as meet new challenges. Ethical standards amongst practicing trusts and estates attorneys are also mandatory. Trusts and estates attorney jobs call for a lot of personal ethics as well as professional ethics. To survive suits and deregistration you have to comply with the ethical standards set by the professional legal bodies.

A number of trusts and estates attorneys work for the government. They draft policy documents on trust estate for the government. They also carry out enforcement policies on behalf of the government, as well as carry out transactions relating to trust and estate on behalf of the government. Attorneys who work on behalf of the government are salaried workers who have a structured work schedule.

Trusts and Estates attorney jobs require the attorneys to have offices where they can be sought for professional advice. Attorneys who are in self employment do not have structured work schedules. They can work for considerably long periods of time. Attorneys work is mostly investigative, thus, they prefer meeting their clients wherever it is convenient.

Generally accepted requirements for a person to work in trusts and estates attorney jobs are a law degree. Qualifying as a lawyer will require one to go through an undergraduate degree for a maximum of four years and subsequently proceed to a law school for another three years. Companies offering trusts and estates attorney jobs set various requirements for entry as an employee.

The market can never get saturated with lawyers. Populations are steadily increasing, and with the increase in population there is an increase in legal disputes, contractual obligations as well as consultancy work. Employment as a trusts and estates attorney is a noble experience that’s deeply humbling. Individuals toil for several days putting in lots of hours of hard work and commitment. Success often comes at a price, therefore someone who has been successful at accumulating wealth will be happy to know that his/her hard earned wealth can be put to good use. A trusts and estates attorney ensures that this is legally possible upon your death.
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