June 16 2008 Legal Blog Roundup

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There was lots of outrage on the right, while there was praise on the left.

While the Boumediene decision consumed lots of air, another big topic was Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit and his sudden pornography issue. He was presiding over an obscenity case when the scandal broke. After first calling for an investigation, he's finally recused himself from the case and declared a mistrial.

County clerks in California are shutting the doors on marriage altogether rather than start marrying homosexuals. And up in Canada the shock of a priest being ordered to recant his religious beliefs because he's pro-heterosexual marriage has reverberated. This after the trial of a magazine for alleged offensive speech targeted Mark Steyn. Norway has legalized same-sex marriage, though.

On a lighter note, a man walked 25 miles to appear at his DUI hearing. And in July you won't be able to smoke in the Netherlands in bars and restaurants — unless it's marijuana. So no nicotine but lots of weed!

A massive tax break for trial lawyers got blocked. And in Australia jurors aborted a trial after three months of evidence when it was discovered they'd been playing sudoku for the entire trial rather than listening.

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