Scalia's Best Friend Is...Ginsburg?

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Scalia is known as the leading voice for the "originalist" system of interpreting laws and the Constitution. Under this theory you have to determine what the laws meant when they were adopted. Since the Constitution was adopted in 1791, for the most part that means Scalia looks for the original intent of those who wrote the laws and Constitution. This has in practice meant a rather conservative approach.

Justice Ginsburg, on the other hand, stands for revising the Constitutional interpretation to make it more "up to date." In other words, Ginsburg favors reinterpreting the Constitution.

So they are polar opposites. Yet Scalia revealed on Friday, May 16, 2008, that of all the justices on the Supreme Court, Ginsburg is his best friend. He made the remark on the talk show The Laura Ingraham Show, where he was promoting his new book The Art of Persuading Judges.

"I consider myself a good friend of every one of my colleagues, both past and present — some more than others," Scalia said. "My best friend on the court is and has been for many years Ruth Ginsburg. Her basic approach is not mine, but she's a lovely person and a good, loyal friend."

Who knew? Or who suspected?

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