Holiday Recovery: Weight Loss

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This means going back to work, crowding into happy hour sessions, and starting back up the gym routine we've been oh so nicely avoiding — with the justification of holiday craziness. Well, no more excuses are left because it's time to shed those dreaded seven or so pounds of holiday weight gain many people take on during the festivities. It's not as bad as it sounds, and you can recover, so don't panic too much yet. There are easy steps to returning to your old self and watching your weight return back to what it was before Grandma's famous pumpkin pie. The steps below outline some suggestions you can take to refocus your weight loss agenda.
  • Give away those rich chocolates, at least as much as you can. Those Sees Candies boxes may be calling your name — yes, all ten you've received — but don't let your temptation take over. Satisfying the chocolate craving is okay the first or second time, but with the boxes waiting for you at home — it's best to avoid the desire and the calories pronto.

  • Get back into the gym routine. If you usually hit the gym, go back; if you've never been, sign up. Now is the time to work out and start getting fit for the summer. It's never too early! Working out on a regular basis helps speed up your metabolism, which makes you less inclined to gain weight.

  • Lay off the fattening foods for awhile, but not forever. You've probably had quite a few feasts these past few weeks, so why not start being more conscientious? In a few weeks you can splurge more because depriving yourself is not the answer, but for now focus, on eating healthier, and getting back into the foods you ate before the holidays.

  • Attempt to return to normalcy. Now that you're back to work, the holiday spirit has gone to rest until next year, and so has your crazy schedule. No more running to fast food restaurants or to the food court in the mall amidst holiday shoppers. It's now time to get back to a bit of a normal pace and to coordinate better eating arrangements. There's no big excuse on taking some more time to cook healthier things more often.

  • Sleep. You have been in overdrive these past few weeks, so why not take a night or two and stay in to rest? Studies have shown that a lack of sleep and too much stress makes you gain weight. When you sleep, your body feels refreshed and doesn't need as much fuel in regards to food. Don't become a hibernating bear, but focus on getting the rest you deserve and need.
Most people are still recovering from that extra piece (or two) of pie they consumed over the holidays, but don't take things out of perspective. You had the opportunity, rightfully so, to get a bit carried away, but now it's time to get focused once again. Hone in on what's comfortable for you and your eating habits. But as far as pigging out again, next year will be here sooner than you know!

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