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''Bridging the Gap'' between Entertainment and Law

published December 24, 2007

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<<The society's purpose is to "[provide]...students a forum to explore legal issues and trends in sports and entertainment law," said professor Anita Stuppler, the law school's bar exam coordinator. She and entertainment law attorney and professor Ashley Lipson volunteer their time for the society, networking in Beverly Hills and Ontario. Their goal is simple: to help "bridge the gap" between the school and the entertainment world and give students opportunities to interact with media law veterans.

"The Beverly Hills Bar Association has been extremely supportive of our vision and offers our Sports and Entertainment Law Society members reduced-fee memberships in the Beverly Hills Bar Association so they're able to attend all of its social activities and professional development programs," said Stuppler.

As co-faculty advisors for the society, Lipson and Stuppler also gather speakers for the students to hear, including David Krumholtz, an actor from CBS's show NUMB3RS; Phil Margo of The Tokens (known for recording "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"); and attorney John Connors, who specializes in intellectual property.

Along with lectures, however, Lipson and Stuppler have planned other activities for the society, like movie nights and brunches. The society's "Night at the Movies" events will feature law movies shown at different venues, while its brunches will allow students to dine and network at the same time.

Of these activities, Stuppler said, "There are so many opportunities available to students interested in sports and entertainment law careers. It is our hope that the relationship ULV is building with the Beverly Hills Bar Association will allow students a better understanding of what awaits them when they graduate."

The University of La Verne College of Law is located in the Southern California city of Ontario and is the Inland area's only ABA-accredited law school.

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