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Eating Right in the Workplace

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Sure, Taco Bell and Togo's may look convenient at times, but in the long run your body and your budget will thank you for bringing a meal that you made yourself. Many employees have access to workplace kitchens that include refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves, so packing a lunch is a reasonable possibility. The trick is to take something you enjoy (preferably items that can be heated up and still taste good). Although you won't experience the same rush that you would buying a big cheeseburger, bringing in healthy food can be just as enjoyable, if not better.

Below, dietician Bonnie Taub-Dix, the director of BTD Nutrition Consultants in New York City and a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, gives readers tips on how to enjoy the lunch-in experience:
  1. "Whenever you can, try not to eat at your desk. This will be distracting and cause you to not pay attention to what you are eating and/or cause you to eat quickly and not enjoy/digest your food well."
To add to her advice, make use of your conference or break room; it can save you from a food binge later in the day!
  1. "Try a 'lunch-share' with a buddy at work: you bring the salad, and they can bring the grilled chicken or shrimp! You can bring lunch one day, and they can bring it the next. It's important that you're both on the same page, however, as far as the types of meals you like (i.e., low in fat, high in veggie content, etc.)."
If your friend is on, let's say, the Zone Diet, be considerate of her needs and make sure to ask about her meal plan. This can save you money and will enable some portion control.
  1. "Bring some snacks from home that you can count on for those times of day (usually mid-morning and late afternoon) so that you can avoid trips to the vending machine. You can bring ready-to-eat cereal in a zippered bag and have it with some skim milk or put some peanut butter on whole grain crackers for a pick-me-up rich in protein and carbohydrates."
It can be tempting to grab an unhealthy snack to go, but having something handy will allow you to resist temptation.

Overall, just make sure you eat a balanced meal and rely on your best judgment. Convince a coworker to pack a lunch too, and then you can both chat over your meals while sitting next to each other. Remember that a good lunch is important, so don't waste it!

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