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The Paralegal Studies Program at McIntosh College in Dover, NH

published May 07, 2007

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<<The school offers students an assortment of associate-degree opportunities in a variety of fields, including business, law, medicine, criminal justice, graphic design, and culinary arts. McIntosh College's faculty members have real-world experience to share with their students in their classrooms. Along with the college's staff, they are committed to student success.

McIntosh College is located in the beautiful town of Dover, New Hampshire, the county seat of Strafford County, with a population of approximately 26,884. Classes are small at McIntosh, so students can get focused attention.

The school's website states, "Our educational programs are structured so you can take day or evening classes to fit your schedule, learn a new field, and earn your degree or complete your certificate program in as little as 15 months! Plus, financial aid is available to those who qualify. If you're serious about getting ahead in your career, you've made the right choice. McIntosh College in Dover, New Hampshire, can help you prepare for a satisfying and rewarding future!"

The McIntosh College paralegal studies program is for anyone with dreams of working in the legal field. The top-notch program prepares students for rewarding careers in corporate legal departments, banks, private law firms, federal and state court systems, and solo practices.

Students can earn Associate of Science degrees, build academic foundations, and learn the technical skills they need to excel as paralegals. Areas covered in the curriculum include traditional legal research, communications, and business and computer courses.

The educational objectives of the McIntosh College paralegal program are:
  • Competency in the core areas of substantive law
  • The ability to prioritize and index information as it relates to legal issues and matters
  • The ability to draft basic legal documents and proceedings
  • The ability to perform basic legal research
  • The ability to understand and use legal terminology
  • An understanding of the court system and legal processes
  • CLA exam preparation
McIntosh College is an official testing site for the Certified Legal Assistant exam, which is administered each spring by the National Association of Legal Assistants.