March 5 2007 Legal Blog Roundup

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Lawyers are notorious for making tenuous arguments and drawing thin connections between seemingly unrelated topics...that's how most litigators make their livings! However, sometimes lawyers take it too far. Such was the case in a posting on Legal Sanity, which is one of the blogs I usually enjoy visiting each week. This legal blogger began by discussing a BBC article entitled "Why Are Dutch Children So Happy?" This was beyond random and weird in itself. I can't imagine what would motivate someone to think of writing an article on this topic, let alone what would compel people to actually read it. As if that wasn't bad enough, the blogger then attempted to correlate this article to practicing law. Sorry...I'm not sure I'll ever understand what attorneys can learn from children wearing wooden shoes. But maybe that's just me.

Another topic all the blogs mentioned this week was the odd antics of Judge Larry Seidlin, who is presiding over the disposition of Anna Nicole Smith's estate. Crime and Federalism, Overlawyered, Above the Law, and Althouse all weighed in on this one. Apparently, the judge couldn't help but tear up and espouse his feelings about the late Anna Nicole. Hey, say what you will, but there's no such thing as bad publicity. Personally, I think he's trying to land a reality television show of his own...and with the kind of attention he's attracting, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he did.

While I found all of the above topics amusing, this posting on Above the Law really made my day. Every attorney cringes at the thought of taking yet another conference call that will inevitably waste about two hours of the day and induce a headache. That's why I'm sure the attorneys who called in to this conference line were not only shocked but also relieved. (At least they missed the meeting!) Visit the link to find out exactly what shocked these attorneys.

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