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Robert Eckels to join Fulbright as a partner

Robert Eckels is joining the international law firm Fulbright & Jaworski LLP as a partner. Prior to this, Eckels worked as a Harris County judge for 12 years overseeing the county's executive, legislative, and judicial functions. Steven B. Pfeiffer, chair of Fullbright's Executive Committee, said that Eckels' addition as partner will help the firm improve its existing relationships with government leaders in Texas, Washington, DC, and elsewhere. On his part, Eckels aims to build up the firm's administrative, regulatory, and government relations practice for its clients.

In the new position, Eckels will contribute to the firm's national public finance practice, especially as disclosure counsel. Fulbright's more than 50 attorneys in its 16 worldwide offices offer clients advice in public finance practice. The firm is an established name in the practice of disclosure counsel.

White & Case LLP expands its high yield practice
White & Case LLP expanded its high yield practice group with the addition of a team of five lateral partners. The team leader, Ronald S. Brody, is well known for his strong investment banking relationships and market presence in New York. The new team includes Jin Kim, Kenneth Suh, Jeffrey Whyte, and Nazim Zilkha. The firm's top-notch bank finance practice is led by Eric L. Berg. He hopes that Brody's team will help the firm increase its practice and provide an international edge while advising clients on bank-bond transactions. White & Case LLP hopes to leverage on the new team's finance markets expertise. The firm has more than 2,000 lawyers in 35 offices across 23 countries offering clients advice in complex cross-border commercial and financial transactions, and international arbitration, and litigation.

White & Case LLP

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