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Mayer Brown forms Congressional Oversight Strategy team

International law firm Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw created a Congressional Oversight Strategy Group, a team of attorneys and professionals that will look into the Congressional Oversight Management. This team, which will be based in Washington, DC, will have 19 members from the firm’s legislative, white-collar defense, government contracts, banking and securities, and energy practice groups. The firm has considerably been involved from time to time with key state and federal regulatory agencies’ interests.

Mayer Brown forms Congressional Oversight Strategy team

Making the announcement of the formation, Ty Fahner, former Attorney General of Illinois and Chairman of the firm, said that this group will advise Fortune 500 clients in the United States and globally on issues projected to receive intense scrutiny by the 110th Congress. With Capitol Hill gearing up for a period of heightened regulatory and investigative activity, the firm’s team is well suited to assist clients.

Members of the Congressional Oversight Strategy Group will include a variety of key players, from prominent former secretaries and members of Congress to White House officials and top-tier attorneys. The firm’s Washington office registered 42 percent increase in attorney-strength in 2006. Mayer Brown’s 1,500 lawyers register the firm’s global position as a top drawer litigation firm.

Bumgardner law firm to go in for a new look
Ideas Squared has been enlisted by prominent personal injury law firm in North Carolina, Bumgardner, to revamp the firm’s public image and website. The move comes as a result of the firm’s intention to launch its new image in February 2007 under the URL of

Jay Joyce of Ideas Squared, a technical firm which has undertaken the assignment, stated that the law firm has been well known across North and South Carolina for their expert advice and legal practice, which spans over 37 years. He stated that the real challenge is to capture the firm’s essence and to creatively reproduce that in a novel presentation in branding and website design.

Talking about the new look, Joyce said that it will represent “strength, longevity, dependability and forward movement," for which pulsating, warm earthy hues have been put to use to promote the firm’s ethos among the new clients.

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