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Parker Scheer expands practice to Sin City

Boston-based law firm Parker Scheer, specialists in personal injury, opened shop in "Sin City" Las Vegas, under the moniker Parker Scheer Lagomarsino. The new set up will focus primarily on areas concerning serious personal injury and business litigation. After a successful decade in Boston's civil practice arena, the Las Vegas office will mark the firm's operational expansion beyond Massachusetts. Both managing partners, Eric Parker and Barry Scheer, are renowned names in their field of operation.

Parker Scheer expands practice to Sin City

The firm's motive to expand towards the southwest stems from the area's emerging legal market following the rise in population in the region as well as its escalating legal requirements. Both partners are expressing confidence of making it big following their successful operational strategies adopted in Massachusetts of delivering quality service to clients.

International immigration lawyers unite under one umbrella
Accomplished immigration pundits from all over the globe joined hands to form Visalaw International, a novel association formed by immigration specialists Siskind Susser Bland. Visalaw International, the umbrella organization, will aid member firms from countries all over the globe including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Italy, Japan, China, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, and Argentina, in tackling complicated immigration laws across continents for clients, both individuals and companies.

Attorneys' difficulties in competing globally are further vexed by stringent immigration laws. The novel organization will help its clients develop new strategies to overcome these impediments. Visalaw International aims to help international clients through with its wide web of member lawyers spread all over the world. Visalaw International members can work directly with the help of the organization. They can also employ the services of other member firms in particular regions to help them with litigation.

Memphis-based Siskind Susser Bland is one of the largest immigration law firms in North America whose attorneys provide consultations to corporations and individuals on all aspects of immigration and nationality law on a global footing.

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