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Davis teams up with CAAS' Risk Management Services

Richard E. Davis, a prominent advocate of good data management practices, has taken over the directorship of Litigation Risk Management Services at Constantine & Aborn Advisory Services. Davis, whose career spans more than two decades, specializes in legal and technology matters and has amassed considerable experience while dealing with some of the country's top law firms. CAAS hopes to leverage on Davis' technological experience in order to manage litigation clients more efficiently. Davis' vast experience will complement the firm's expertise and increase their range of professional services.

Davis Teams Up With CAAS' Risk Management Services

CAAS provides software and hardware solutions and consultative services to law firms and corporate legal departments. The firm emphasizes aiding litigators with strategic technological backup to ensure complete success. With offices in New York and Washington DC, CAAS, a multidisciplinary consultancy firm, helps clients with its expertise and specialized skills in complex litigation issues, consulting and advisory services.

Small fry join to deflect big fish
Who says two's company and three's a crowd? Birmingham firms-Goodrich, Cunningham, and Hahn-have joined forces to launch-Red Mountain Law-a combined effort to overthrow the might of the bigger fish in the Birmingham legal pond. The firms haven't merged formally; the union is an attempt to cooperate to contend with the larger firms existing in the area.

Alabama-based Goodrich, which specializes in business and corporate law; Houston-based Cunningham, with complex litigation/arbitration and appeals for a wide variety of clients; and Dallas-based Hahn for aviation-oriented legal advice have combined forces under the banner Red Mountain Law-a platform from which they intend to provide clients expertise on a wide perspective ranging from each firm's individual specialty to a more broader collective legal approach.

Initially, Goodrich will deal in securities; Hahn in trusts, wills and estates and real estate; while loan closings will be assigned to Cunningham. However, the three firms' own attorneys will also continue to work in their respective realm of specialization.

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