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Thinking of Sending a Thank You Gift to a Law Firm After an Interview?

published September 16, 2019

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It’s a given that you should always send a heartfelt thank you note after a legal interview, but it’s also possible to express a little too much gratitude. Sending in a flower bouquet after an interview may be a little too extreme…however, sending a thank you note via email with 24 hours after your interview is a must!

A quick Google search reveals it’s not all that uncommon for candidates to follow up with tokens of their appreciation. I found stories of interviewees sending flowers, chocolates, gift baskets, and even a 25-pound box of Omaha steaks.

But before you dial up Edible Arrangements, consider what kind of message sending a gift after a legal interview conveys. For one, it’s pretty aggressive—the gift may be seen as a bribe to consider your candidacy over other applicants. It’s also a little desperate. If you’re an impressive candidate, you shouldn’t need to woo anyone with gifts.

Finally, it’s inappropriate. Following up with flowers after a date is smooth but not after an interview. Flowers, chocolates, cookies, and many other gifts have romantic associations, which can provide fodder for the office rumor mill if you’re a female sending to a male and vice versa.

So what is the best way to follow up? Legal recruiters I’ve talked to say a thank you email gets the job done. Through an email you can express your appreciation, establish a direct connection after the interview, and provide the opportunity for them to respond with follow-up questions or thoughts.