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Summary: Appellate law attorney Bruce D. Greenberg of Lite DePalma Greenberg provides a blog on appellate law matters in New Jersey.
As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University School of Law, Greenberg is used to working under pressure.
The author of the blog “New Jersey Appellate Law: Blogging on New Jersey Appeals, Appellate Law and Practice”, Bruce D. Greenberg, has over 30 years in appellate experience. As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University School of Law, Greenberg is used to working under pressure. He clerked for Justice Daniel J. O’Hern of New Jersey’s Supreme Court. He then went on to work at a the largest private law firm in New Jersey where he dealt with appeals in zoning and planning, rent control, real estate brokerage, and other commercial litigation.

Greenberg now leads the appellate practice at Lite DePalma Greenberg LLC. For the past ten years, he has been listed in the “New Jersey Super Lawyers” under appellate practice. He is a member of several committees and bar associations.
On his blog, Greenberg discusses many aspects of appellate law specific to New Jersey. One of his previous posts, “Does a Homeowners Insurance Policy That Covers Losses from ‘Hidden Decay’ Protect Against Loss From ‘Hidden Defects’?” provides a summary of the progression of the case through the appellate courts. The issue of the case revolves around the use and meaning of the word “defect” or “decay.”
Another post from the same day, “Changes in Alimony Upon the Retirement of the Spouse Who Must Pay It” covers the issue of when alimony can be changed due to the retirement of a spouse that is obligated to pay the alimony.
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