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Doing Justice Blog Covers a Little Bit of Everything

published June 02, 2016

Amanda Griffin
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Summary: Reading the blog “Doing Justice” gives the reader a little taste of everything from politics to justice to plain entertainment.
Doing Justice

The Doing Justice blog by KC Sheehan is a source for summaries and links to other legal articles and blogs that the author of the blog deems valuable or informative. While the blog does not appear to be actively added to anymore, the content already on the blog is still worth reading.

The last post on the blog is the commemoration of Rosa Parks’ 100th Birthday. A follower posted this, “Thanks for the link! It is such an interesting read. Rosa Parks was a hero in her own right, and we should learn more about her than just the refusing to give up her seat story.”

Another post from January 2012 is a video link about how secondhand clothing that is given away as charity here in the US ends up in Zambia, Africa. The video is an interesting clip that is more entertaining than anything else.

While many of the posts are not exactly legal in nature, they deal with justice in the world. The blog is clearly the political views of the author Sheehan and not unbiased. Many of the posts have a more humorous take on the politics of law and the culture of our society. Several posts cover the Occupy Wall Street movement and its protests in other cities. Sheehan also gets personal on the blog and covers posts on his family such as this one when a brother died.