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International Law Student Binqiang Liu Wants to Specialize in Intellectual Property Law

published July 21, 2014

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International Law Student Binqiang Liu
Personal Life

Binqiang Liu is a May 2014 graduate of the University of New Hampshire School of Law. He is interested in several different areas of the law, including business and technology law, with plans to focus on practicing intellectual property law in China.

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Binqiang was born and raised in Jiangxi, China and had worked as a patent examiner in a China Patent Office for more than seven years in Beijing, China. When asked about his upbringing, he stated, "I grew up in a peasant family. I've got two elder sisters, and one elder brother. I am definitely proud of my parents, because they were born in poor families but were able to bring all of us up successfully."

Binqiang graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Printing Technology from Jiangnan University (Jiangsu, China) in 2003 and earned his Masters in Science from Xi'an University of Technology. During undergrad, he earned a comprehensive scholarship and was the recipient of the 1st Award of National College English Contest (2001).

At University of New Hampshire School of Law, Binqiang was an event coordinator of the LES UNH Law Chapter and he served as the Governor of Graduate Class Fall 2013.

During that same year, his work, "NPEs: Antitrust Challenge" was published in Chinese in the Journal of Science Technology and Law. In 2014, Binqiang's work, "China Utility Model Patent: Trash or Treasure - A Data-Based Analysis," was published in English in the IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review, Volume 54, No. 2. He also served as a graduate litigation analysis and advanced patent litigation in two moot court courses and was the recipient of the Graduate Student Award of UNH Law in 2014.

Binqiang is currently active in various professional institutions, which include the ABA, AIPLA, The Federal Society, LES, and PIUG. When he isn't working, he enjoys playing basketball, jogging, travelling, and listening and playing music.

Binqiang's Academic Law Career and Future Aspirations

Why did Binqiang go into the law? "Actually, I never meant or planned to go into law. When I graduated from my M.S. (Master of Science) study in China, I got the job in China Patent Office (that time I knew nothing of IP - intellectual property)."

He shared his aims and aspirations. "Actually my aims and aspirations are simple, I wish to get a job that will allow me to leverage the knowledge and resources I have best, and I wish my family - especially my wife and our 22-month baby boy - to live with me together. I miss them a lot."

Are there any particular achievements that Binqiang would like to share?

"Sure. One of the most enjoyable activities is that I was able to have my own band (rock and roll, kind of) at the time of my undergraduate, graduate (M.S. study) and working at the China Patent Office."

What are his key accomplishments? "I have a wide but in-depth knowledge of most recent developments of patent business. I share my experience and knowledge via published papers and public presentations. I also have a solid network with practitioners both in China and in the U.S."

Binqiang then discussed the key skills and strengths that he will use to further his career goals. "There are basically three: first, my solid knowledge of patent system; second, my appreciation of IP from the view of business; and third, my networks in the IP/patent community."

As for his weakness, he admitted, "The most bothering one for me is the problem of language, especially the verbal language. When talking with American people, I still need to do an unconscious translation back and forth of Chinese and English, and it's hard for me to speak in a way as 'simple and direct' as the locals."

Law school can be stressful at times, so Binqiang shared how he relieves stress. "I just do not overthink it. I try to get away from it by doing many easy to handle things, such as reading my favorite topics, doing some sports, and talking to friends when they are free. I also like to go shopping to help relieve my stress."

How does he handle new assignments? "I Google it(well, I am half joking).I first learn about it if I have no previous experience with that type of assignment. And I arrange it with other concurrent tasks to set up the proper priorities. Then I make a schedule for the tasks and follow it."

Where does Binqiang derive his confidence? "From an extensive and solid knowledge foundation, self-confidence and professional performance, and respect for others and self-respect."

Three Wishes to Live By, Top Priority, Coping with Fear, Study Abroad Program and Community Service

If Binqiang had three wishes, what would he wish for? "Travelling with my family (my wife and our baby boy), visiting my parents and siblings more often, and teaching as an adjunct teacher at schools."

What is his top priority outside of work? "Reading, playing basketball, and playing music when possible."

In regard to handling fear, Binqiang acknowledged, "There are two ways to deal with fear: first is to ignore it, and the second is to face it."

Has he been part of any study abroad program? Binqiang explained:
"Yes. It was in 2005. I went to Stuttgart in Germany with a friend/classmate to do some research study there. But our stay there was very short, only 3 months. Besides studying, we tried to visit the area a little bit. What impressed me the most is how organized the German people are with their life. And of course, one other impression is that there are really so few people around than we have in China (that time we were at Xi'an, Shaanxi Province)."
Has he participated in community service? "Yes. I enjoy doing community or volunteer work. When I was in China, I had volunteered on many occasions, including acting as an interpreter, photographer and just offering a hand. I also volunteered to help clean the theatre in Concord last winter. I also tried to donate blood, but was not eligible to do that on site when they found out I was a foreigner, which was a little sad for me."

Facing Obstacles, Most Influential Traveling Experience, Personal Philosophy, Favorite Quote and Final Thoughts

Has Binqiang faced any obstacles in his life? He asserted:
"Sure. There are obstacles all the time in our lives, I think. For example, my most recent one is that I found I was not willing to continue my patent examiner job in the China Patent Office, because I realized that it is just not the type of work I enjoy. So I quit, and decided to pursue another career in the private business in the patent field. Then I chose to go to the US to pursue a law degree and then find a chance to switch into the private area. Of course, it is not easy to accomplish, and I have got to convince my family. I had to leave my family when our baby was even not one year old; and of course, we had to solve the financial challenges as well."
Does he have a most influential traveling experience? "Sure. I traveled to several cities in China, and also to Munich while in Germany. My most influential experience is the one to Tai Mountain in China and the one to SchlossNeuschwanstein (or New Swanstone Castle in English)."

What is Binqiang's personal philosophy? "Be kind, be frank, be honest, be diligent and be innovative."

The future attorney discussed what he believes holds more truth in light of his personal philosophy. Was it fate or choice? "Fate. I think that choice is a part of fate."

Binqiang's favorite quote is "Just do it!"
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When asked if he had anything else to share personally or professionally, he noted, "The world is big, do not feel afraid of competition. Be ready to help others, and one day you will see you will be helped as well."

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published July 21, 2014

By Follow Me on
( 17 votes, average: 4.4 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.