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Coping with Stress in Law School

published October 27, 2009

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left

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Your life in the law school may not be smooth all the time. As a student you have to learn to cope with the stress that starts building up on your mind and conscience. The best method of avoiding stress is to plan and organize your work schedule. Do not leave everything for the last moment. Make sure that you are ready to face the semesters and not staying up late every night before the scheduled exams.

Keep in touch with your teachers and do not hesitate to clarify doubts that arise in your mind in law school. If you find you are too held up, seek professional help. Make sure that you are making use of the resources available at your disposal to the fullest. Medical support and counseling may help you to cope with the stressful situations any better in the law schools.

Some of the students tend to get nervous when they are called upon in the class to respond to a topic of discussion. The students may be bright academically, but they lack confidence when it comes to public speaking. You can memorize things silently in your head before speaking it out in front of the whole class. This way you are more prepared and sure of what you are about to say and hence can get over your fears.

Participation in debates and meetings where you can voice your own opinion helps you to gain control over public speaking. You can choose a class in which you feel most comfortable. Once you have been successful in a class, you can apply those methods and tactics in other classes also. The law schools are the safest place where you can gain mastery over public speaking, than any other speaking groups.

The anxieties tend to increase as the semesters approach in law schools. The students have a general tendency to study overnight before the exams. Doctors recommend that the students must rest and have a sound sleep for at least 7 hours every day. Lack of sleep tends to make our brain inactive and over worked. Cardio vascular exercises are an excellent way that helps you to relieve stress. A slight modulation in your lifestyle and a balanced healthy diet helps every individual to perform better. Talk to your friends, parents and well wishers to get over your fears. Make sure that there are positive people all around you who can boost your morale.

For students, fear and exams are very closely interlinked. The experts say that to reduce your work load it is better to divide it into small parts. Small jobs do not appear as cumbersome as the huge tasks. In case of any confusion, take help from your professors and teachers. You can highlight the main points that will make sure that you are not forgetting your points. If you are spiritually inclined, it will help you to calm down and make you deal with the stress better. This way you won't feel alone and stressed.

The students spend most of their time with their classmates. Be very careful when you are making friends. Remember that time is very precious. Do not waste your time with someone whose company you do not savor. Studying law is a serious business. If you are not serious and committed, you won't be able to succeed.

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