Is It Possible to Transition to a Law Firm in a City Where I Have No Personal Ties?

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Is it possible to transition to a law firm in a city where I have no personal ties? I live in New York and I would really like to leave for quality of life reasons, but I do not have personal ties outside of New York.


It certainly is possible, but you will need to make a strong case for why you are looking to move to a new city. For example, is your practice area a better fit for a different metroplex? Would it help your career to relocate due to a geographic client base that exists outside your chosen city? For example, a lot of energy attorneys relocate to Houston, as it is the preeminent city for that kind of work. Healthcare candidates often relocate to Nashville. And regulatory attorneys might want to gain experience in DC.

A lot of my candidates make successful arguments that the city that they want to relocate to is a better fit for them for a variety of personal reasons: cost of living, schools for their children, climate, etc. It helps their case tremendously if they have done a lot of research on the region and have visited extensively.

Finally, a number of my candidates have successfully made the case that geography is of no import to them. Their main motivation is entirely career-focused and they successfully make the case that they are moving because the firm is the right fit for their career. I've also seen this argument work very successfully. After all, people relocate all the time to work at different companies. Why shouldn't the same hold true for law firms?

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