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Dominic Peterson Goes After What He Wants

published June 07, 2012

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Dominic Peterson is in the top third of his class at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, and he is expected to graduate in May of 2013. Currently, Dominic is interning with The Ken Blanchard Companies in Escondido, CA, and working as Director of Digital Marketing.

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Dominic received his B.A. in Electronic Media from the University of Wisconsin and his MBA from California State University in San Marcos (“CSUSM”). While at school, Dominic Peterson did not spend all of his time in the books. He had a great social life, and he became the President of his fraternity, Alpha Kappa Lambda. <<

According to Dominic, justice is akin to satisfaction. He believes justice does not always make a person whole, nor is justice served by someone paying a fine. As Dominic summed it up, justice is when the person on the receiving end of the injustice is satisfied in one way or another. Dominic does not believe that the law always equates to justice. For example, the law does not equate to justice when: the law is not in use, the law was theoretically sound and practically ineffective, a wronged party does not exist, or when the law is ineffective in providing satisfaction or assistance to the person seeking justice.

Dominic did not start out living in San Diego. In fact, Dominic grew up in a large family in a small town of 600 people in Boyd, Wisconsin. Although Dominic makes it back to Wisconsin to visit his parents, five brothers and sisters and 17 nieces and nephews, he loves living in Southern California with his work, his studies, and his wife. Dominic was unhappy with his early career choice, so he took a risk.

Dominic struggled to find his calling. Initially, he planned on working in television and radio. However, after about a year of working in the industry, he realized working in television and radio was not the right fit. Dominic realized he needed a career that was constantly moving and changing. After this realization, Dominic packed up his belongings, and he drove to California. After a few weeks of sleeping on a friend's sofa, his friend found him a job in marketing and advertising in downtown Los Angeles.

After working in corporations for ten years, Dominic wanted to study the law because he saw the need. In all the companies Dominic worked with, he noticed that fellow employees would bypass the legal department. The legal departments would always be swamped with work with one or two attorneys handling everything because everybody knew that it would take three to four weeks to get anything back. Dominic believes that as the economy improves and more laws become relevant to companies, a legal education in the business field will become more relevant and important.

Dominic is the kind of person that goes after what he wants. When Dominic wants something done, there is no stopping him. Just ask his beautiful wife. One of Dominic's most memorable moments in his life was when he first saw her. Less than two months later, the couple was happily married. They have been married for twelve years.

Dominic believes in the effectiveness of marketing through social networks. While working at The Ken Blanchard Companies, Dominic conceptualized and led the design, development, and creation of marketing collateral, public relations, and social networking. Further, he went on to manage global marketing, branding, and advertising strategies for corporate and international partner locations. Through this work, Dominic started a company Twitter site, which now has attained roughly 56,000 followers and increased readership of the company blog to 6,000 to 7,000 readers each week.

Dominic has exhibited a strong work ethic and a constant commitment to growth. Dominic worked full-time, while he attended business school and law school. Although Dominic admits it was extremely difficult, the work load forced him to stay focused and organized. Dominic enjoys staying busy, and he wants to ensure that he continuously expands his education and work experience.

With all of Dominic's experience with heavy workloads, he has a suggestion for managing work stress, “remember, most of the time, it is not open heart surgery.” He suggests always researching and being prepared. However, if something is not possible or not going to meet a deadline then he is always open, honest, and he does his best. When you are doing your best, there is nothing to stress out about.

One of Dominic's top work lessons is to “always make sure you understand what people want.” He always makes sure he gets a clear description of what his client needs. Additionally, Dominic believes it is just as important to express what you hear back to the client, so he ensures he always hears the client correctly. Surely, this lesson was provided by one of Dominic's two main mentors, his father and his boss. Dominic admires his father's work ethic and his boss's determination, dedication to growth, and her intelligence.

During his studies, Dominic did some volunteer work with the Big Brother's and Big Sister's organization. Dominic gives back to organizations that need help. In addition, Dominic seeks to return the inspiration and support he received to institutions that helped him get where he is today. For instance, he served as a CSUSM Alumni Association board member for two years.

Dominic's goal is to reach a senior-level position within an organization. He wants to hone his legal and business leadership techniques and further develop his background in Corporate Law, Copyright Law, and Intellectual Property Law. When questioned about his limitations, Dominic responded “time, there is never enough time in the day.” Dominic is professionally known for being hard working, organized, and willing to take on different projects with a team.

When Dominic is not at working or studying, he enjoys a great mystery novel or biography. Currently, Dominic is reading Theodore Rex. He enjoys playing basketball, golf, ping-pong, hiking, and camping.

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published June 07, 2012

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
( 26 votes, average: 4.8 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.