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Legal Jobs in Dubai

published September 29, 2008

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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When you first think of legal jobs in Dubai, immediately positions for lawyers come to mind, but there are many different aspects to the area of law. Whether you are looking for an internship, clerk positions, legal administrative staff openings, or attorney jobs, you are sure to have the opportunity for a lucrative career in the legal field, if this is the path that you choose.

Legal jobs in Dubai are not only available, but also promising for someone looking to advance in their career path. Dubai has a rapidly growing business center due to international companies relocating or beginning local businesses onsite. There are legal aspects to every major firm, both local and international, that require staffing on all levels. For some people already living in the Dubai area, searching for openings can be as simple as reading the local newspaper or finding an employment agency. For others who live abroad and are looking to relocate, the Internet is a fantastic way to conduct a job search in places where you may otherwise not be able to easily investigate local opportunities.
Legal Jobs in Dubai

Profitable Companies in the Dubai Area

Just as with any other job search one might conduct, you will want to research the many companies that hold legal positions for employment. Gaining background knowledge of firms to which you are applying is essential when finding the best possible legal jobs in Dubai.

Legal jobs in Dubai are abundant on a number of levels and in a variety of fields. Construction firms, oil and gas companies, and many others, ranging from software organizations to airlines, all require specially trained staff to meet their legal needs. No matter your focus of interest, Dubai can provide the employment opportunity for which you are searching.

Working Practices in Dubai

When working abroad, you will have to take into account the customs and work practices of a Muslim country. As opposed to North American firms, Dubai businesses operate with Friday as the day of rest and Saturday as the second day off. During the time of Ramadan, many companies will reflect this with a shorter workday. Although English is a common language for business operations, someone that holds a second language such as Arabic will have an advantage since it is used in many government offices.

Assorted Legal Jobs in Dubai

Depending on your level of training and expertise, the position you seek can range greatly in both hours of work and salary. It goes without saying that the more background experience you possess, the higher salary you will receive due to your knowledge in the field. Some of the many legal jobs in Dubai are listed below with basic details about them.

<<Company Secretary — Focus on administration, dealing with other employees of the company, arranging board meetings, carrying out external tasks, 1-3 years secretarial experience. Annual salary 60,000-80,000 pounds dependant on work experience.

In-house, Corporate Lawyer — Skilled junior lawyer position, requires investment funds knowledge, 1-3 years experience or newly qualified. Excellent benefits package with attractive salary competitive to current market.

Corporate Lawyer — US practice firm looking for expansion to the Middle East, prefer to be UK qualified, 1-3 years experience, self-starter and desire to relocate to Dubai. Compensation at 140,000 pounds, US tax-free.

Junior Corporate Counsel — High-profile investment company located in Dubai, focus on private equity and real estate, 1-3 years experience. Annual salary starting at 80,000 pounds along with competitive benefits package.

Private Practice Lawyer — Local energy firm, working with the oil and gas sector such as exploration, production and pipelines. 1-3 years experience. Salary range up to 220,000 pounds dependent on previous training and experience.

Job Searching

With many different legal jobs in Dubai available, searching out the perfect position can be tedious and exhausting. Just as with any other job search, you will want to focus your energy on the field in which you wish to stay, rather than jumping from one sector of the legal market to another when positions become open. It is much easier to grow within a company and advance your career starting from an entry-level position rather than start over at a number of different firms over the course of a few years.

Be sure to utilize all the tools possible to look for legal jobs in Dubai. Local newspapers and international employment agencies are a great place to begin your job search. Some employment firms specialize in relocation positions and have a number of openings to fill for those who have a preference to move abroad. The Internet is a fantastic tool that holds more than enough information about Dubai’s employment sector, the many different companies that hire legal staff, as well as employment opportunities that one can apply to directly, online.


Working in a foreign country can be an exciting opportunity for many who are just starting out in the legal sector, or for those who want to advance their careers by moving internationally while still working for their current firm. No matter what your reasons are for wanting to find legal jobs in Dubai, you are sure to find a position that requires your knowledge and expertise.

The advantages of working in a foreign country can be enticing for many since there is an assortment of US-based companies that boast US salaries tax-free, along with promising benefits packages. Not only do you gain an extremely competitive wage with your new job, you will also be exposed to a number of international scenarios that you may not find while working locally. Be sure to take an international position into consideration when beginning your job search, since it could very well be the most rewarding move of your career.

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published September 29, 2008

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
( 257 votes, average: 4.2 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.