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First Online Divorce Education Center by Rosen Law Firm Firm

Established in 1990, Rosen Law Firm has revamped its website, to include the state's first online divorce education center. The new site gives visitors easy access to complete information on divorce and other legal issues concerning family law in North Carolina.

Lee Rosen, president of Rosen Law Firm and a board certified family law specialist, said that the move offers people seeking divorce, information that is "convenient, educational, and reliable." This, he hopes, will ensure them to make "more educated and make better decisions about themselves and their families' future". For user convenience, Rosen's new websites design replaced the standard welcome page with information about the company in the backdrop with easy accessibility to informative resources. Other helpful tools include a legal forum, a child support calculator, an alimony recapture calculator, and a legal dictionary.

Rosen Law Firm has offices in Raleigh, Charlotte, and Chapel Hill. Rosen's attorneys practice in child custody, alimony, property distribution, separation agreements, and domestic violence relief. They provide individual clients support to move ahead with their lives, while seeking divorce.

Poyner & Spruill Participates in 'Race For The Cure'
Poyner & Spruill, LLP's attorneys, staff members, and family participated in the Susan G. Komen Triangle Race for the Cure (now in its 11th year), for the seventh consecutive time. The law firm dedicated this year's race efforts in the memory of Gretchen Goodfellow and Gerri Kelly, two former co-workers and breast cancer survivors. The firm, this year too, tried to make a sizeable contribution to this noble cause. Through individual fundraising efforts and a firm gift, they could mark an increase of nearly 70% than the previous years in their fundraising efforts by collecting more than $4,600. The race proceeds benefited the world's largest and most progressive grassroots network, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, which is trying to find a cure and end breast cancer.


Dare ask the queen to remove her crown
The Queen of England, Elizabeth II lost her cool, when a celebrity American photographer asked her to remove her crown for an official portrait. The queen was wearing her crown and her Order of the Garter robes for a photo session. The BBC, which was at the time of the incident recording a documentary "A Year With the Queen" captured the queens reaction. Photographer Annie Leibovitz said to Queen Elizabeth II that she thought the queen would "look better without the crown, because the garter robe is so..." The queen interrupted before Leibovitz could utter the next word "extraordinary." She sternly responded "Less dressy? What do you think this is?" referring to her wear. Her Majesty, 81, strode away from the scene muttering angrily. As the cameras rolled, she said to one of her assistants, "I'm not changing anything. I've had enough dressing like this, thank you very much."

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