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Are Lawyers Nice to Work for?

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1. Are lawyers nice to work for? What are they like as bosses? I was thinking of going to paralegal school... I would like to know more about the work environment at a law firm.
Annie C.

Well, lawyers, much like any high stress professionals, often tend to be pressed for time, under pressure and overworked. The stereotype tends to portray angry lawyer bosses and the ever-suffering paralegals. This is certainly not always the case, but holds true in many instances. For example, a litigation paralegal in a large firm may well have that sort of boss, but a bankruptcy or probate practice in a small- to medium-sized firm may be fairly low stress and congenial, producing nicer bosses. Any of our readers are welcome to share their work experiences here.

2. I've been out of the legal profession for several years. I worked as a paralegal several years ago and quit my job to stay home with my child. I am wondering what the market is like now for paralegals?
Joanna M.

While the legal field took a tumble like other professions during the economic recession, it seems that we at LawCrossing are finding more and more employers looking for paralegals, so it seems that the market is improving. Even when the market is bad for attorneys however, the market for experienced paralegals is not all that bad since often downsizing firms tend to rely more on paralegals, who are paid less, and hence a better economical choice when times are hard.

3. Do law firms prefer someone with a college education along with a paralegal certificate? Or can I get a good paralegal job with just a high school diploma and paralegal certificate?
Josh L.

Large firms tend to hire paralegals with BA's, who are often doing paralegal work as a stop-gap job, between law or grad school. Often career paralegals who are certified tend to be more in demand. There is a lot of information on this topic in this week's Paralegal Profile -- check it out!

4. I want to work at a law firm. Do you think I could get a job starting out as a receptionist and then move up to being a legal assistant or paralegal? I don't really have the money to go to school right now.
Allison B.

Yes, many firms like their legal staff "home grown." They train them without much experience and use internal promotions, however you need to find those firms. A good idea might be to talk to some paralegals who work at the firms about how they got their jobs.

5. How many legal secretarial positions do you have on your website?
Roanne L.

I just did a search and found over 3000 posted just this week! Doing a search is free, go to advance search and try doing a search for today, this week, this month etc.

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