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Follow the LSAT Blog to Ace the LSAT

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Summary: Studying for the LSAT can be stressful and expensive so Stephen Schwartz decided he wanted to help other pre-law students prepare for the test.

Schwartz has personal experience taking a practice test and not getting the score he wanted.
Not many blogs are geared towards one specific topic but Stephen Schwartz wanted to help those preparing for the LSAT test. He understands the importance of the test in determining what law school a student will get into, affecting their chances of success after graduation.

His blog “LSAT Blog: Ace the LSAT” is a free resource for those needing help on understanding how and what to study. He found the professional sites that require payment for the actual classes don’t actually provide any valuable information for free.

Schwartz has personal experience taking a practice test and not getting the score he wanted. He spent a year going over every LSAT book and practice test he could find in preparation for the test. He filled notebooks with notes and lessons he learned from studying questions that can now be used to help others.

The blog has an outlined plan for students studying for the LSAT. There are tips for logic games, logical reasoning, reading comprehension, test day, LSAT diaries and interviews, LSAT question categorizations and analysis, and law school admissions. Schwartz also highlights his most popular articles so that they are easy to find. He also has links to free LSAT books for those that prefer a hardcopy to study from.

Schwartz also provides professional tutoring for those that feel they need a little extra help. His pricing is based on his belief that he can get your test score to increase a specific amount of points in a specific amount of time. He wants to help students avoid the struggle he went through by being a good tutor that is committed to helping others get higher test scores.



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