What Is a Healthcare Lawyer?

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Though the legal profession has notoriously remained in a slump since the 2008 collapse, a few specializations have proved promising, including healthcare lawyers. With President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the United States legal profession has profoundly changed in ways we can’t yet guess, and to figure it all out we will need teams of lawyers. Since everybody must deal with the healthcare system at some point in our lives, this is the type of law that touches everybody, influences everybody, and matters to most anybody who has ever been sick or known somebody who was.

There is no need to specialize in law school, but it might help to take a class or two that focuses on healthcare law. Coming out of law school, healthcare lawyers can expect either to interpret the Affordable Care Act, to represent those who were denied Social Security benefits, or to analyze public health policy.

With medicine and public health being paramount problems, as the U.S. struggles to keep up with its European counterparts such as Sweden, the need and demand for healthcare lawyers is certain only to increase, respective to the other legal professions which have proved less lucrative.

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