California Also Suffers Decline in Bar Pass Rates

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Summary: California bar results came out on Friday, and their pass rates have dropped with the 2014 examination.

California Also Suffers Decline in Bar Pass Rates

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California bar exam results have been posted for the July 2014 exam. According to the State Bar of California, 73.1 percent of the test-takers were sitting for the exam for the first time. Their pass rate was 61 percent overall. For repeat takers, the pass rate was 14 percent. For all test-takers, the pass rate was 48.6 percent.

For accredited law schools in California, 69 percent of first-time test-takers passed the bar. For out-of-state graduates, 60 percent passed. As for law schools that were accredited by the state of California, but not by the American Bar Association, the pass rate was 33 percent.

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The California General Bar Examination is a three-day exam that consists of three sections:a multiple-choice Multi-state Bar Examination (MBE), six essay questions, and two performance tests that test the ability to apply general legal knowledge to certain tasks.

California also offers an Attorneys' Examination for lawyers who have been admitted to practice law in another United States jurisdiction for at least four years. Of the 417 attorneys who took the Attorneys' Examination, 131 passed, or 31.4 percent.

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Last year, according to the State Bar of California, 67.7 percent of first-time takers passed the bar examination, and 43.9 percent passed the Attorneys' Examination. Pass rates for specific law schools have not yet been released for 2014, but last year, Stanford ranked first with a 91.0 percent pass rate, UCLA came in second at 88.2 percent, and Loyola in Los Angeles took third place with 87.7 percent, according to TaxProf Blog. Stay tuned to find out which schools had the best pass rates for 2014.


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