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LeClairRyan Absorbs All Lawyers of Adelman, Sheff & Smith

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LeClairRyan. Absorbs All Lawyers of Adelman, Sheff & Smith

Law firm mergers are continuing at record breaking pace, this year. Recently, Richmond based national law firm LeClairRyan announced a merger with Annapolis based healthcare law firm Adelman, Sheff & Smith. With this merger, LeClairRyan extends its footprint into Maryland and Colorado and boosts its HealthCare law practice in a single move. All 27 lawyers and staff members of Adelman, Sheff & Smith including 11 attorneys specialized in healthcare law will join LeClairRyan's offices in Annapolis and Glenwood Springs.

Recognizing healthcare as 'a significantly growing area of the law,' David Freinberg, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LeClairRyan said, "The merger gives us a much deeper bench and also adds a level of expertise that we can leverage to existing LeClairRyan clients." He also admitted that healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries, requiring legal counsel that is both 'agile and experienced.' In respect to this he added, "Our new colleagues from Adelman, Sheff & Smith possess both of those qualities. Our clients will significantly benefit from their decades of experience and in-depth understanding of healthcare law and regulation as it pertains to hospitals, health systems and other health providers. We are pleased to welcome them to our team."

Adelman's team of 11 healthcare attorneys focus primarily on representing healthcare providers and facilities on state and federal law compliance. They are experienced in handling various aspects of healthcare law including complex regulatory and litigation matters and general corporate services for entities in the healthcare industry. The law firm's clientele includes large health care systems, hospitals, nursing homes, physician practices, individual health care providers and ambulatory care centers.

Speaking on the merger, Al Adelman, Founding Partner of Adelman said, "Everyone in our firm is excited to join forces with LeClairRyan." He informed that by combining the firm's healthcare practice with LeClairRyan's labor and employment, construction, IP and other practices, they will be able to provide a full range of legal services to healthcare providers across America. The consolidated firm will continue business under the banner of LeClairRyan and have 344 attorneys and 673 employees across 22 offices in 10 states and the District of Columbia.


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