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Paralegal Heidi MacDonald Specializes in Family Law at a Private Law Firm

published November 26, 2012

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Personal Life

Heidi MacDonald, A Paralegal
Heidi MacDonald is a paralegal, volunteer, who works at T.v.; a private law firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The paralegal currently specializes in family law and her future goal is to expand on environmental law as well. Heidi acknowledged that she assists with the mediation process during a couple's divorce. The legal staff member reminds parents who are splitting up that they need to look out for the “best interest of their children.” Heidi noted that one of her responsibilities is to make sure which parent is more capable of taking care of their children and she usually attempts to reach an agreement between the parents outside of court. She mentioned that children need to understand that their parents still love them and they will now be living in two homes.

Heidi has certificates and education from the University of Utah, University of Phoenix, Argosy University and Steven Henagers. When the paralegal isn't working, she enjoys horse riding, diving, photography, and food creations. Heidi admitted she is a raw foodist who loves making and creating food. Her raw recipe book will be published soon. The paralegal also revealed that photography is a simple hobby. After she takes a snap shot of things, Heidi creates artwork by using color pencils or charcoal drawings. She then frames her artwork, which is “just as good as $5,000 artwork in a gallery.”

The legal staff member's three favorite restaurants are Las Vegas' Go Raw Café, Queenies Raw Juice Bar, located in Norfork, Virginia, and Omar's Rawtopia, which is nestled in Salt Lake City. Her favorite quote is by Alphonse de Lamartine: “To love for the sake of loving is angelic.” The paralegal stated that if everyone adheres to that quote there would be no wars, not in families or in cultures.

Heidi's Career Path and Tips for Legal Staff Members

When asked if she would like to share any family details, Heidi answered, “Family is what holds society together in any culture, having family is the most important thing we can hold on to and cherish with all our hearts, whether it is your parents, spouse, children or siblings. Families are made of best friends, laughter, tears and more Love than can fit in a bushel.”

The legal staff member continued to say, “I am a proud parent; we are looking forward to adding to our family in the years to come. Being a parent is a sacred role, to be a teacher, and student in the same day is simply amazing.”

Does Heidi have a most memorable educational experience? She replied, “In O.W. H. High School my History Teacher, ‘Ms. Pin~a,' was simply the best teacher I'd ever encountered. She was interactive with the student's minds on the subject at hand making the stories come to life. Her passion for teaching and teaching truth struck me in my heart and I've strove to allow my passion for life and truth to shine like hers did each day in class.” The paralegal pointed out she contacted Ms. Pina a couple of times, but the history teacher has moved. Heidi added, “If I could stay in touch I would be honored.”

Heidi decided to get into the law field in 1998. Why did she decide to become a legal staff member? She stated that the Law is “such a vacuum for honest and integral people to come forward for family law, children and criminal law.” Although the paralegal is passionate about her job, she recognized “it was not her first educational choice.”

So what is the best part of Heidi's job? The paralegal emphasized, “Knowing that I do the best I can to help others and their families in the best interest of the children.”

Heidi discussed that she has a knack for living and enjoying life. The legal staff member declared, “I am passionate for being grateful in everyday of life.”

The paralegal also discussed what she thought about the field today. She jokingly said, “What field, the soccer field, haha, Love it. Oh, wait you mean in Law? Right, well, what we need in society when it comes to Law is for Justice to be held in esteem, not who has the deepest pockets.”

What would Heidi change about the legal field? She firmly believes you must “dis-bar all those involved in using unjust means to obtain an end to their case.” The legal staff member explained that she knew from experience how judges and lawyers would do anything to win their cases. Heidi reiterated that individuals who are unethical should be dis-bared. She declared, “They take an oath to uphold the law. If you are not going to uphold the law, please step down and do something else.”

Heidi gave her opinion on the current assessment of the legal market. The paralegal proclaimed, “It is calling for those who can uphold Honesty to the greatest of Levels of Integrity.”

Many readers may want to know what is Heidi's advice to new and recent legal staff members. She claimed, “Always stand up for Truth as you know it. And if you learn more knowledge that may change the truth as you once knew it then, be prepared to uphold Truth Always!”

The candid paralegal also gave her advice to students contemplating on becoming a paralegal. She wisely asserted, “Do your research well.”

Where does Heidi see herself in five years? She stated, “Running several companies while working with our legal clinic and being a Mom, so about similar just on a larger scale.” The paralegal is currently working on getting three companies off the ground. Heidi is building a natural resources energy company, of which she would love to connect with Sir Branson about, and she owns an organic agricultural company called More foods USA. She is also assisting her boss and plans on opening a not-for-profit legal clinic by next year.

If Heidi wasn't a legal staff member, what would he be doing? The paralegal expressed, “Helping others in other ways.” She elaborated by saying her greatest passion is to help people whether its feeding people, driving individuals to their destination or working as a paralegal.

Heidi's greatest accomplishment is her children and her health. The paralegal is motivated everyday by “life, the passion for living, seeing something that requires action and taking that action.”

Heidi's Mentors, Volunteer Activities and Non-profit Organizations

Heidi was mentored by a couple of doctorates. She is currently mentoring students of the law.

Although Heidi is extremely busy and would like to volunteer for different organizations, she has donated her time to the Boys and Girls Club, assisted her children's teachers at school, and has volunteered for hospitals as well as the sick and elderly. She was involved with the Bureau of Land management (BLM).

Heidi admires David Bennett and the work he has done for “the nonprofit program for our states children hospitals that in turn have helped millions of families and their loved ones.” The paralegal's final advice to individuals is “you shouldn't worry too much what other people think, they don't do it often.”

published November 26, 2012

By Follow Me on
( 22 votes, average: 4.3 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.