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Andrews Kurth, LLP

published February 01, 2012

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The firm specializes in bankruptcy and financial restructuring; corporate compliance, investigations, and defense; economic recovery and government opportunities; energy; environmental; intellectual property counseling and litigation; international; labor and employment; litigation; probate; public law; real estate; and tax law.

Andrews Kurth belongs to the World Law Group, a worldwide network of major law firms that are welcomed into membership through invitation-only. Through the World Law Group network, Andrews Kurth is capable of providing its clients with access to premiere legal assistance around the globe.

In 2004, Andrews Kurth introduced the Women’s Initiative Team (WIT), which consists of male and female attorneys from all practice groups and across all offices, as well as administrative leaders from diversity, professional development, recruiting, and marketing areas. Since its foundation, WIT has established the Flex Path Policy, a new parental leave policy, and networking and client development opportunities.

The Flex Path Policy provides high performing attorneys, who have practiced for at least four years and worked at Andrews Kurth for at least three years, with access to a reduced hour partnership track. The maternity, paternity, and adoption leave policy that was implemented by WIT provides the primary childcare-provider with 18 weeks of paid leave and two weeks of paid leave for the non-primary caregiver. Networking and client development opportunities offered through WIT include an Executive Women’s Retreat, luncheon discussions, mentoring, and the Direct Women Program which trains women in law to serve on public boards.

The firm also aims to provide its attorneys with a professional development program that recognizes individual needs, goals, and interests. New attorneys are immediately exposed to clients and provided with practical training and mentoring opportunities. New associates and lateral attorneys are welcomed to the firm with a two-day orientation and practice-specific immersion training.

Professional advancement offerings that are available to Andrews Kurth attorneys at all levels include seminars on substantive law and process issues, career counseling, and a continuing legal education program. Courses presented through the continuing legal education program are taught by Andrews Kurth attorneys and other experts on a range of topics. Online courses, satellite programming, and in-house self-study modules are also available through the program.

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