Paralegal Jobs - Q & A About Paralegals

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A paralegal has all the rights and duties as a lawyer except the right of presenting a case in the court of law. The work of a paralegal entails a few things. A paralegal can do research on a case, prepare a case thoroughly, prepare the arguments for the lawyer and provide legal consultancies. The paralegal basically serves as a support system for lawyers, a role that should not be underestimated. A lot goes into the preparation of a case, and more often than not the background research for a case is what contributes to its success.

For those who wish to pursue a career in law, but do not have the formal LLb. degree can pursue a carrier as a paralegal. The salary is sufficiently good and they entire experience is a learning process. With the increase in the sheer volume of cases that lawyers have to handle the role of a paralegal is becoming more and more prominent. Paralegals basically work behind the scenes but they are often known to come with the winning point in a case. Paralegals though officially are assistants to lawyers; their role does not end there. Without the aid of a paralegal, a lawyer would have no ground to stand upon and hence the demand for paralegals.

Corporate paralegal jobs are becoming more and more attractive because there is money to be made and the availability of a large number of positions. The work is interesting and the remuneration more than sufficient. Firms prefer to use paralegals for their court cases because paralegals are highly trained and efficient and charge less than lawyers. However they make up for the difference in the pay by doing a large amount of work. Companies rely heavily on paralegal staff to cut costs and make profits. The paralegal job outlook continues to be rosy and is likely to remain so.

Many people often wonder about the degree required to join an entry level paralegal job. The answer to this question varies. Most firms prefer their paralegals to have a college degree, but in some cases an associates or 2year degree nay also be sufficient.

Who hire paralegals?

Well apart from big companies and corporations, many government agencies, non-profit agencies and small businesses seek paralegals and hire them.

People often believe that to join a paralegal job is to be stuck in a rut. But in practice this is not so. There is plenty of opportunity for growth and promotion.

As for pay, most starting jobs offer healthy salaries and job securities. Since paralegal jobs are here to stay, start applying now if you think you have the aptitude for the job.

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