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Becoming a Corporate Attorney

published November 19, 2009

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A corporate attorney plays a very important role in multinational corporations and businesses. Often companies depend upon the expert advice of the corporate attorneys before making any big deals in order to ensure that the laws are maintained. All the legal matters and important business transactions of the organization are reviewed by the corporate attorney and he sees to it that the firm he is working with attains the success with his services. All the legal rights and duties are explained and brought to surface by the corporate attorney and he is the one who brings to notice all the legal objectives in the board meetings and annual general meetings of the organization.
Becoming a Corporate Attorney

Job Description

The job of a Corporate Attorney is to review all the legal as well as transactional details of the organization. A corporate attorney is the one who takes the responsibility of solving all the legal issues of the company and makes all the employees aware about the legality of the company they are working for.
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The security of the organization depends on the corporate attorney who needs to play the role of an efficient advisor for all legal and business policies. There are a few responsibilities a corporate attorney has to perform and they are as follows:
  • Taking care of all legal policies, issues and risk factors of the organization.
  • Effectively looking on to organizational legal proceedings and securing the company from all risky matters.
  • Certain business transactions as well as negotiations need to be precisely reviewed by corporate attorneys.
  • Forming agreements along with particular corporate negotiations are looked after by corporate attorneys.
  • Examination and verification of all documents related to transactions and review of reports and articles based on the company's profits is the responsibility of the Corporate Attorney.
  • Some corporate attorneys also help in forming legal policies of the company and also suggest changes if required in any of the company's policies.
  • Usually corporate attorneys are the ones who actively participate in major company policies like mergers, acquisitions, purchases and many others.
  • They play the role of advisors as well as councilors to the organizations during IPO launches and any lawsuits.
  • Corporate attorneys also go about with analysis and anticipation of the company's future establishments.


Academic Qualification and Training

A degree in law is essential to start a career as a corporate attorney. In order to start a career in Corporate Law, students need to complete at least 7 years of education after High School. This would include a four year Under Graduate Degree, Three Years in Law School. Thereon they are required to pass a Bar Examination for the state they aim to practice in.

Good academic scores can place you in a good organization to start with your career. Classes in commercial transactions, creditors rights, rules and regulations with regards to trade are compulsory ones and to be a corporate attorney one can specialize in corporate law also. Along with qualification proper training is also given importance by the employers.

Skill Sets
  • Latest knowledge on legal matters and familiarity in state laws along with federal and local laws.
  • Excellent communication skills of the interpersonal nature is one of the basic skill set that a corporate attorney requires.
  • Should be able to simultaneously handle multi-tasks.
  • Leadership quality along with a dynamic personality in the corporate attorney creates the correct image of the company in the market.
  • Have really strong ethical standards and keep company information confidential

Employment Outlook

Career prospects (globally)

The employment outlook for corporate lawyers is anticipated to grow due to the increase in demand for new corporate conformity regulations, requirement for legal services and business activity greater than before.

With the organizational growth there has been an increased demand for such experienced corporate attorneys. The candidates just need to make sure that they don't violate any rules of the employing firm spoiling their credential and messing up with their career ahead.


Salaries of corporate attorneys keep on differing depending on the potential of the individual and the size of the company. On an average the expected remuneration varies from $70,000 to $75,000 annually. There are organizations that still pay around $50,000 annually to candidates. Usually the salary is decided by the individual's potential experience and the organizational image. One can gain extra incentives along with insurance coverage's by the company.

If you want to be a corporate attorney, be mentally prepared to study hard, work hard and earn handsome rewards.

Find out what it takes to become a successful corporate attorney.

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published November 19, 2009

( 151 votes, average: 4 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.