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Litigation Secretary Job Profile

published November 17, 2009

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Legal secretaries are required to perform a wide range of functions. Their responsibility includes preparation and doling out of legal credentials like that of motions and appeals. They are required to complete forms like that of accident reports for the clients. The litigation secretaries are required to take dictation from the lawyers. It is very important that they are well versed with the legal procedures for they are required to perform several clerical jobs in the law firms. They participate in various aspects of the legal proceedings.

The students who want to pursue their career in this field must be aware of required skills and abilities. At the very beginning of their career, they must be able to decide on their field of specialization. Once you are in the legal field it becomes very difficult to switch practice areas. A student aspiring to become a litigation secretary can choose between family laws, corporate or patent law.

When you are about to begin your career as a litigation secretary, it is advisable that you start from a small law firm. Thereby you will be able to gain knowledge in a wide range of areas. You will be able to gain experience in different fields of litigation and practice which will help you to move ahead in your litigation career.

Those who are aspiring to become a litigation secretary must attend college programs. You need not be accredited by any law school, but most of the recruiters prefer students with basic formal education. This holds true especially in case you do not have any prior work experience in the legal field. Apart from the mandatory education, you must also be able to comprehend legal terminologies, have decent typing speed, and be aware of the ways in which legal documents are prepared.

The work of a litigation secretary may look simple, but the fact is that litigation work can be extremely stressful. The secretary must be able to work in a time bound manner and deal with the high powered and aggressive lawyers effectively. The secretaries must be prepared to enter into conflicts in adverse scenarios to win a case. Those who are not aggressive, lack force, or are introvert in nature cannot qualify for the post of a litigation secretary. The litigation secretaries must be open to work at odd hours, if required they may also have to work during the weekends. Flexibility is one of the most essential prerequisites for becoming a litigation secretary.

Litigation secretaries are recruited by law firms on a regular basis. They work under the guidance of the qualified and professional paralegals and legal secretaries. The new recruits then work independently and take up more critical tasks as they gain more knowledge and expertise. The job profile of the litigation secretaries are ever changing, as a result of which they are required to be trained frequently, so that they may keep up to the changing job requirements. They must be able to keep themselves abreast with the latest technological advancements and software. Also, they must be aware of the policies and methods associated with the handling of cases and files.

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