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Can LawCrossing Help Me Find Paralegal Jobs?

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Since I work as a paralegal, how can LawCrossing assist me in my search when its focus seems to be on employment opportunities for lawyers?
Jenny Z., Experienced Paralegal

Actually, LawCrossing provides opportunities for attorneys, legal staff and law students, in addition to other legal professionals like accountants, and patent agents. Log on and you can find anywhere from 1000-3000 jobs for paralegals alone, all posted within the last month.

I'm looking for a Legal Nurse Consultant job. Are these positions in high demand? What is the market like right now for people in my area?
Greta H., Nurse

Nurse consultants are fairly high in demand, especially those with practical experience. To research your prospects, start with a keyword search for "Nurse" on LawCrossing. You can also search the legal departments of large healthcare providers for openings.

I have been a legal secretary for the past 15 years for criminal attorneys; however there are very few listings for attorneys that are looking for a secretary with the background in criminal law. How can I find a job using my background?
Clarissa M.

Usually, legal employers value experience and professionalism when it comes to hiring legal staff, but do not focus on the type of experience. Most legal staff jobs will not list what sort of experience they require. We suggest you apply to jobs that meet your experience range, if you are not looking for criminal law-related jobs only. If you are focused only on getting criminal law-related jobs, a good start is to find firms that handle criminal law cases, and apply for jobs there, even if they do not advertise an opening. Busy law firms are often looking for an extra pair of hands, and I am sure someone with your level of experience will have no trouble.

I am wondering if it will hurt me to make a counteroffer to an employment offer in terms of pay. I have been told that you should always ask for more money. Is this true?
Patrick F., Recent Graduate

Well my personal research into interviewing and job searching says that it is not a good idea to ask for anything at the get go in order to obtain an edge over the competition. For most legal staff jobs, you ought to do some research online, to figure out what the range of pay is for the type of job you want, and the type of firm or business you are applying to. Remember that pay tends to be higher in certain regions, and tends to be higher for private vs. public jobs. Furthermore, the benefits a job offers also factor into the pay. If you feel that the pay offered is much lower than the standard your research has revealed, you may negotiate at the time of the offer. However, a better alternative is asking for an increase after the employer has seen your work. This is probably the best way to go, especially for a recent graduate.

Should I apply for a position that says "experience preferred, but not required"? I most likely have the skills for the position. What would you suggest?
Elena P.

Yes! Absolutely! "Experience preferred" means that the employer would like to hire someone that doesn't require too much training, but will work with an entry-level person who will be able to do the job at hand. In fact, jobs that list experience preferred are often entry-level jobs, with most applicants being entry-level.

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I’ve used LawCrossing for years and I think it is terrific. The search features work very well and bring back extremely relevant results. I think it is exactly what it should be.
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