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Princeton office refurbishes Sills Cummis' hopes

With an initial strength of ten attorneys, Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross opened the doors of its new office in Princeton recently. Of these ten attorneys, four Banking and Finance experts hail from Reed Smith, while the remaining six served in their Newark office's Land Use and Redevelopment Practice, and Corporate Transactional Group. The firm has implemented a strategy geared towards capturing the emerging market in areas like life sciences, medicine and medical device industries, banking and financial services, land development and real estate, and regulatory sectors in the area. The process of considerably adding on to the existing team has already begun.

The four Reed Smith lawyers to join forces with this 160-lawyer firm are Paul H. Shur as partner, and James A. Dempsey, Scott Pyfer, and Charles Panzer as Of Counsel in the Banking and Finance group. The firm is confident in its expectations to have 20 more names added to their roster by the 2007 year end.

Due to the recent changes and addition of the Reed Smith laterals, Sills Cummis is confident that they will lure in more lender banks and commercial loans.

The lure of better pastures
A recent survey found that lawyers are willing to switch jobs for reasons like better salaries or flexible hours. The survey was conducted by Robert Half Legal, a New Jersey-based legal staffing service.

According to the San Diego Business Journal, the survey was conducted among 1,000 large law firms in the United States and Canada. More than 300 attorneys participated in the survey, out of which only 3 percent were willing to stick to their current firm, while 26 percent said they would move out for better opportunity, 21 percent for better salary, and 9 percent for flexible timings.

Robert Half Legal is Robert Half International's legal staffing branch. The company places highly skilled attorneys, paralegals, and support staff in full-time and temporary positions in law firms and corporate legal departments.

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