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New study: Law firms discriminate against minority women

In a startling revelation, a report published by the American Bar Association accuses law firms of discriminating women in the workforce, especially minority women. According to the report "Visible Invisibility, Women of Color in Law Firms," eighty-one percent of minority women attorneys quit private law firms within five years because they are restricted to low-level assignments with little hope of advancement. This contrasts sharply with their white male counterparts, who quickly rise through the ranks at America's top law firms.

New study: Law Firms Discriminate Against Minority Women

The study stresses the implementation of existing anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies and suggests proactive measures to include the participation of minority women in the law firms.

Siskind Susser and Eric Bland merge to form Siskind Susser Bland
Memphis-based Siskind Susser and New-York based Eric Bland have merged their operations to form a new law firm: Siskind Susser Bland. The merged firm will have 18 attorneys and 30 legal support personnel in offices ranging from Memphis, Atlanta, and Nashville to New York. With this alliance, Siskind Susser Bland will maintain affiliate offices in twelve countries.

Siskind Susser is a leading immigration firm. Eric Bland represents top modeling agencies internationally. The merged firm will serve some of the top firms in the fashion and entertainment industries with an eye out for immigration issues.

Foley & Lardner widens Healthcare & Life Sciences practices
As part of its expansion initiatives, Foley & Lardner has strengthened its healthcare and life sciences industry team. The law firm considers Boston as one of the most vibrant and diverse business sectors on the East Coast, particularly in the life sciences and healthcare market.

The Boston office of the firm has recently seen the addition of attorney Michael Blau, formerly of McDermott Will & Emery . He has experience in health venture financing and merger and acquisition work for emerging healthcare services and biotech companies.

Attorneys at Foley & Lardner have achieved national recognition for their comprehensive expertise in the practices of litigation, private equity & venture capital, M&A, and labor & employment. This expertise complements many of Foley's strong national niche practice areas and industry teams, and enhances its ability to address clients' legal needs.

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