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The Top 4 Expectations Millennials Have of Attorneys

published July 10, 2019

By Author - LawCrossing
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Summary: Do you know what millennials will want from you as an attorney? Find out now in this article.
The Top 4 Expectations Millennials Have of Attorneys
  • To some millennials, the word “attorney” can seem like it is part of a foreign language.
  • As is the case with finance, insurance and other staples that are so important to generations before them, millennials may not fully understand what attorneys do and why they, at some point, can have an importance in anyone’s life.
  • However, as the millennial generation ages, they are quickly finding they will sooner or later need legal counsel.
  • So what does this age group expect of attorneys? Find out in this article.
Just in the way that millennials are finding out the importance of investing and having adequate health care, this same age group is also finding that they may also require legal help and representation.

This is because the millennial generation is beginning to mature. They’re pinning down well-paying jobs. Millennials are also starting families and buying homes. In short, they’re growing up and becoming more immersed in the same life scenarios as the generations before theirs.
This includes the practice of law. Whereas this generation may have once thought of attorneys as something foreign to their lives, now with age, millennials find they need attorneys.
The only issue is millennials, according to an article that appeared on Law Practice Today have certain expectations of attorneys that previous generations may not have had. Keep reading to find out what the top 4 expectations this age group has of attorneys.
  1. Millennials like real face time with their attorneys.
Millennials tend to be more technologically adept than older generations, but when asked how they would prefer to work with an attorney on a legal issue, the majority chose face-to-face in an office.
Like older generations, millennials see working with an attorney as a serious issue that requires in-person meetings. Keep in mind that even though in-person is their top preference, millennials are still more open to other communication methods than other generations. For example, 42% of millennials prefer communicating with attorneys via email, compared to only 27% of older generations. They’re also more open to working with you via text message, online chat, or video chat.
  1. Attorneys have to be available to millennial clients, and not just on the cellphone.
When asked how they would expect an attorney to communicate with them, millennials had higher expectations for non-traditional forms of communicating than other generations. One in three millennials expects text messages from their attorney, while one in four expects secure online messaging portals.
Notice that the data doesn’t appear to show that millennials expect these forms of communication to replace more traditional methods like in person, phone, and email; they simply have higher expectations that other options will be used as well.
  1. Millennials need to know that their time and money is not being wasted.
Did you know millennials save more money than any other generation and are more focused on budgeting? The heightened focus on finances is most likely because millennials came of age during a time of rising education costs, growing debt, and increasing economic uncertainty.
Before spending money on your services, millennials will want to know exactly what is included. They need to see the value an attorney can provide them and that their investment (of time and money) will pay off. How do attorneys provide this? Through clear communication of fees and service expectations.
The fewer surprises for your clients, the better for your working relationship. Obviously, in some situations, you won’t know what is going to happen, but try to draw as clear a roadmap as possible for them, pointing out what usually happens.
  1. Millennials need your help with serious legal issues they may not be aware of.
Younger generations seem to be more keyed to the prevalence of legal issues people can experience throughout their lives. Of the millennials surveyed by ARAG, 35% believe they’ll likely experience a legal issue in the next year, while only 26% of other generations see a legal problem on the horizon.

However, when asked specifically about what services they’d need to use an attorney for, millennials tended to see the value for only more serious issues. The top eight issues they believe most likely require an attorney are:

Felony charge
Child support, custody or visitation issues
Juvenile legal matter
Disputed will
Prenuptial agreement
Immigration or naturalization issue
Criminal misdemeanor charge
Note that creating wills and trusts didn’t make the list. Attorneys who practice this area of law and other areas that didn’t make the list might want to consider offering educational materials and partnering with local organizations to connect with potential clients and show them the benefits of using an attorney.

By understanding millennials’ expectations and preferences when it comes to working with attorneys, you’re one step closer to understanding a segment of your business that is only going to grow in the next few decades.

published July 10, 2019

By Author - LawCrossing
( 14 votes, average: 4.7 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.