12 Most Reliable Websites for All Things Health

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Summary: Take advantage of these invaluable websites to inquire about your physical health, mental health, and nutrition.
Check out these websites to visit for everything: Mind, Body, and Wellness.

We’re all told not to google our symptoms or self-diagnose on the internet and while, yes, real-life doctors are our best options for when we’re sick, there are also a lot of great health related resources on the internet. As long as you’re not trying to diagnose your illness (seriously, see a doctor), then there are many websites out there that are great places to search if you’re curious about certain topics revolving around health, fitness, nutrition and overall physical and mental well being.

Even if you do want to see a specialist, a fitness professional, a nutritionist or therapist about something you want to change in your life, it can be helpful at times to do a little research on your own to find out what exactly you’re looking to do. When you can narrow down what you want or what you’re dealing with, it can even save you time when finding the right person to work with. These sites can also help you better understand things that you’re simply curious about or that you’ve heard a friend is dealing with or trying something new. It’s important, however, to remember that every person is different and what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you.
If you’ve been searching the internet but don’t know who to trust or what sites have the best information, look no further. Here are twelve websites that are great resources for learning about physical and mental well-being:
Physical Health
Healthywomen.org is a great option because real experts answer real women’s questions. In addition, they offer articles on a wide array of subjects as well as fact sheets on various conditions and topics. While directed towards women, the articles and fact pages cover diseases that affect both genders.
Mayoclinic.org. While much of the website is specific to the Mayo Clinic, they also provide A-Z lists for symptoms, diseases & conditions, tests & procedures, and drugs & supplements, which are beneficial to anyone looking for more information.
Medlineplus.gov. If you’re looking for information on prescription drugs, this is the place for you. Produced by the National Library of Medicine, MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's website and contains information on various diseases, conditions, drugs, treatments and supplements, all written in an easy-to-understand language.
Healthychildren.org, developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, is a great option for all of the parents out there. It’s scary enough when you don’t know what’s wrong with yourself but a whole other issue when it’s your child. This site gives you a great overview of children’s health topics and can help ease a worried parent’s mind.
Mental Health
Mentalhealth.gov is a great place to start for any mental health topic you may be researching. The website is broken down into sections about the basics of mental health; various conditions; information for patients versus family members, teachers, friends, etc. and ways to get help.
Aacap.org, or the American Academy of Children and Adolescent Psychiatry, is where you should go if you are looking for information to help your child or if you work with children and would like more background and resources. The website provides resources for children, families, educators and for advocacy efforts, in addition to articles on relevant topics such as responding to gun violence.
Psychiatry.org is home of the American Psychiatry Association and can give you resources on various conditions along with a database of qualified psychiatrists that you can search by many filters such as location, specialty, insurance and more.
Nationaleatingdisorders.org (NEDA) is a website dedicated to those who are suffering from an eating disorder or those who are supporting a loved one with an eating disorder. Along with many other mental conditions, eating disorders are often viewed as black and white, but NEDA works to remove the stigma and educate the community while providing many resources for those who may be suffering.
Fitness & Nutrition
ACEFitness.org contains many options for finding a health and fitness expert who can help you with your particular needs, but also offers a lot of information. On its resources tab, you can look at several tools and calculators as well as their library of exercises, which cover all muscle groups and give you specific directions on how to do the exercise safely and successfully.
Examine.com is a great resource for anyone wanting to dive a little deeper and really see if what they’re hearing about is backed up by science or just a trend. The website provides research articles on many different topics as well as an easy-to-use search engine to help you sift through and find what you need.
HHS.gov is the place to go when you’re looking for credible information and other resources on fitness and nutrition topics. Because it’s a government website, a lot more screening goes into the information provided than would be done on a popular blog or private company’s site. You can also learn about laws and regulations regarding food and nutrition in the United States.
Eatright.org is home of the American Dietetic Association and a great resource for nutrition information. You can search based on your age, gender, or topic and find plenty of information on nutrition, recipes and more general health and fitness topics.

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