These Are 2 Hungry Hungry Lawyers

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Summary: Chris and John started a blog to highlight their love for food and the legal field in the Rochester, Minnesota area.
Hungry Hungry Hippos … Or Lawyers

Hungry Hungry Lawyers is a blog written by two lawyers, Chris and John. They love food and they love the law. They work at Dunlap & Seeger P.A. and live in the Rochester, Minnesota area. The law firm does not advertise much, but are successful enough to have 23 attorneys.

The firm carries the philosophy: get to know your community, and they’ll get to know you. This inspired the reason for the blog: to get to know their community through food.

The last post on the page was from 2011, so the blog is no longer current, but it is still valuable to read for entertainment, knowledge, and advice. The post highlighted a new frozen yogurt shop in downtown Rochester that lets you serve your own yogurt and toppings and pay based on the weight. The concept is very common now, but four years ago, this style of self-serve frozen yogurt was fairly new.

A more professional post detailed an event the firm was holding as a partner with FUEL Rochester. The event featured five things every new business owner in Rochester should know about law. The blog features a lot of posts that deal with business matters in the Rochester area.

Other food posts highlight newspaper features on local restaurants written by reporters. They also discuss the best lunch options in the area with a $10 menu at Pescara as the top choice.

Source: http://thehungryhungrylawyers.blogspot.com

Photo: thehungryhungrylawyers.blogspot.com

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