The Top Seven Personality Traits of the Best Lawyers: Seven Qualities Every Great Attorney Should Have

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Summary: Attorneys need to have certain personality traits to be successful in their practice.
The Top Seven Personality Traits of the Best Lawyers: Seven Qualities Every Great Attorney Should Have
  • Many attorneys are cast in a negative light.
  • Their aggressive and argumentative personalities take much of the negative blame.
  • But that same aggressiveness and argumentativeness can be welcome.
  • In fact, as a client, those personality traits can easily play to the strengths of your legal case.

If these three quotations are not familiar:
  • "Ignorance of the law excuses no man -- from practicing it." - Addison Mizner
  • "A lawsuit is a fruit tree planted in a lawyer's garden. - Italian Proverb
  • Next to the confrontation between two highly honed batteries of lawyers, jungle warfare is a stately minuet.” - Bill Veeck, Major League Baseball Franchise Owner

Maybe these three general quotations are a bit more familiar:
  • Lawyers are jerks.
  • Lawyers are selfish.
  • Lawyers are assholes.

No profession in the world has suffered more negative generalizations than the profession of law. Whether in the media, in the midst of cocktail parties, family dinners, grocery store happenstances, or the very scripture itself, there is no one place on the planet where humans interface and interact in which the subject of law and lawyers have been more-or-less thrown under the big social bus.

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