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5 Indispensable Tips for Attorneys to Be Successful

published July 26, 2017

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With the legal landscape constantly changing, it is imperative that attorneys stay significant. Regardless of how long you have been practicing law, it is always an excellent idea to reinvent yourself, even in the smallest of ways. If you feel you're in a rut and would like to become a better attorney, here are a few steps you can take to become a successful legal professional:
1. Refine your presentation skills - The average understanding of legal terms and approaches comes from legal reruns and Law and Order marathons on TNT. So even though you may feel like you're putting your argument forth eloquently, the average person may be left scratching their head. With that said, it’s best to get a smooth, delicate presentation down that can be universally understood. This means that legal professionals will respond to it and the average client will have a positive response as well. Clarence Darrow once said, "Unless a speaker can interest his audience at once, his work will quickly be a disappointment." Keep that in mind when making your arguments. Whether you are speaking with a client or the district attorney, you have to be able to present your case with grace and assurance.

2. Develop a style - Find a convincing style and hold to it. Be consistent in your presentations. This doesn't mean that you should be cutting back on the substance to include style. You should find an idea of presenting your material that is memorable and accurate. Arguments that are fresh, modern and easy to digest that don't lack the solid, meaty information have the largest impact. Remember that even the most glowing presentations can fail if they aren't presented properly.
3. Keep the language clear and uncluttered - Wordy or overly scientific arguments can also do wonders at showing off your right expressions and validate your status as a competent attorney, but be very careful that you aren't overly wordy. Think about how what you're saying and how it would appear on paper. When you're reading something that has cluttered sentences and disorganized thoughts and ideas, no matter how convincing they may be, it takes away from the message. Often cluttered and unclear speech weakens the argument because it seems like fluff.
4. Take CLE classes - Whether you are in need of CLE classes for the credit achievement, or are interested in continuing education seminars because you want to brush up on current law practices, it is always a good idea to take CLE classes. In addition to the obvious reasons of achieving the credit requirement by the state bar, continuing education seminars can give you the most advice from some of the most prominent figures in the legal field. By taking CLE classes, you can most definitely get some constructive ideas on how to become a better attorney from those who would know best—other successful, practicing attorneys.
5. Handling pressure with ease - You have meetings lined up, extensive research to be done on your client’s case, your seniors have been providing you a lot of work, and there are time limits to be met. How easily will you be able to manage all of these without getting stressed and feeling pressured?
As a construction lawyer (or any other type of lawyer), various circumstances will arise where you may face a lot of pressure due to your work, from your client, and sometimes from external sources as well that might affect you mentally and physically. In such situations, how can you manage work efficiently?
Practicing meditation for a while every day can give you that much-needed peace of mind and give you the energy you seek to eliminate all the pressure and stress you feel. Multitasking is no more a burden but something you can manage with a smile!

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published July 26, 2017

( 2 votes, average: 3.7 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.