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6 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

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Summary: Are you wondering why you keep getting rejected in interview after interview? Find out some of the top reasons employers may be rejecting you.
Wondering why you didn’t get the job? Find out in this article.

Let’s be honest, job hunting can be an incredibly frustrating and tiring experience, especially when you apply to a job you think you’re a shoe-in for but either hear a no or nothing back at all. Don’t worry; rejection is incredibly common when it comes to the job search since each position can have hundreds of applicants. But if you can’t figure out why you’re getting rejected again and again, here are some tips to help you see what mistakes you’re making and how you could improve for the next application.

  1. You weren’t qualified. Sure, you might read the job description and think the position is one you would be good at, but the employer knows who has done well in the position before and may think your resume doesn’t show those qualities. 
  2. You were over-qualified. With the job market being generally difficult for job seekers right now, many people, especially new graduates, are applying for jobs that are far below what they’re qualified for. While you may think you’re a shoe-in, the company may be nervous that you will only be there for a short time until you find something better. They don’t want to invest in someone who will leave soon. 
  3. The company is going through a hiring freeze. Just because HR posts a job to a job board doesn’t mean things haven’t changed or won’t change during your interview process. The company may decide it’s not a good time to take on new employees. 
  4. You didn’t make a great impression during the interview. The people interviewing you are just that: people. Something you say, do, or even wear could have rubbed HR the wrong way. There’s just no way to avoid those kinds of missteps when it completely depends on the person interviewing you. 
  5. You don’t fit in. You might have a great cover letter, recommendations from previous employees and be completely qualified for the job, but companies are often trying to create cohesive teams and company culture. If they don’t get the impression you’d fit in well with the team, they may choose to go with someone who does. 
  6. The position was filled internally. Companies are often loyal to the people who have already been working for them for some time. You may have had a stellar interview and been a great fit, but they went with someone just as qualified but who already knows the company’s ins and outs.

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