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What Is a Tax Attorney?

published July 19, 2016

Daniel June
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Learn what a tax attorney is and what they do in this article.

If you are savvy with money and savvy with the law, the natural wedding of the two, an accountant-minded lawyer, is a tax attorney. Such an attorney must have a passion and acumen for handling money laws, and especially the pesky and ever fluctuating domain of taxation law.

Everybody wishes to minimize the money they pay into taxes, and so, naturally enough, tax lawyers are welcome and necessary for every business, large and small, as well as with those who are wealthy enough to be able to afford professional help on managing taxation.

Naturally enough, it would be smart to have your BA in business administration, with perhaps an emphasis on accounting. As you will be keeping confidential records on your clients' taxes, a keen sense of database management will help. Less of an emphasis goes into being able to argue or outsmart your opponents, and more goes into the intellectual rigor of knowing the latest tax laws, and also making sure all the figures balance. You will need to understand finance and accounting principles, and have more than the average interest in money. We all are interested in money - or at least in owning a reasonable amount of it - but some of us become fascinated in how money works, what it can do, and also how federal, state, and local governments take a portion of it to run their institutions. If all this fascinates you, you may have the mojo to make it as a tax attorney. They are always needed and always necessary, which means they are always employable.

Let us help you find your next job as a tax attorney. Our resources can help you find the firms that are hiring in the areas you are looking for, and our legal jobs database is unparalleled by any other website or service. Browse tax attorney jobs on LawCrossing today!

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