Find a Job as a Foreign LL.M. Student

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Summary: Being in the U.S. as a foreign LL.M. student presents challenges when it comes time to find a job. Make sure you start early and follow these tips.
If you’re a foreign LL.M. student here is some advice on how you can find a job in the US.

You have almost completed your LL.M. studies and can now look forward to your job search. Just like every other job search, there is no perfect guide to follow to find that dream job. Throw in being a LL.M. student from a country outside the United States, and the aspects of the job search are even more unique.

One thing that is evident in all the advice out there on how to find a job is persistence. You can’t expect to attend a couple networking events, meet a couple people, follow up with them once after the event and assume something will come of it. You must be building meaningful relationships with anyone and everyone that you encounter by first offering something to the legal community before asking for something in return.
Your job search must also have a strategy. The attitude of “I just want to find something” will not make you happy. Your plan needs to consider your desires and your strengths. A good strategy has a timeline, with goals to meet along the way and monthly, weekly, and daily plans. There isn’t a lot of time that can be wasted for a foreign LL.M. student if they want to work in the U.S., so make sure every moment counts. Waiting until a few weeks before you graduate is too late.

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As a foreign LL.M. student, you cannot rely on others to find you a job. You have to be proactive in your job search. While you need to be careful not to be obnoxiously aggressive, you should be putting in some extra effort to make the job happen. Just responding to a job posting is not enough.
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