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What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

published October 30, 2015

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Summary: Learn more about immigration lawyers, what they do, and how you can become one in this article.
Learn what an immigration lawyer does in this article.

One of the most exciting specializations in the legal field is an immigration lawyer. An immigration lawyer in the United States gets the added bonus of helping others achieve their dream of being a U.S. citizen. And as the pay averaged at $130,000, as of 2011, this proves to be a lucrative field as well.
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Immigration lawyers help their clients attain employment-based immigrant visas, avoid deportation, acquire U.S. citizenship, or attain their green card.
Attaining a green card is an involved process taking years of cooperative work between a client and lawyer. Immigrant lawyers work with the Department of Homeland Security.
Ideally, one who wishes to specialize in immigration law will have taken classes in law school about citizenship, advising, and interviewing and statutory analysis; they will also have worked an internship giving them appropriate experience. It is also handy if they can speak the language of the clients they would prefer working with, as many immigrants speak English as a second language, or maybe even not at all. Some flexibility in working with others of foreign cultural backgrounds is also a necessary skill.
If you are interested in working as an immigration lawyer, let us help. We have many immigration job opportunities on our website that you can apply to.
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